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  1. Hi, I'm Looking at nice design examples of implementation of IPB to show to my hierarchy. Do you know where I can get it? or can you send me some URL to visit? Thanks Michael Zerbib
  2. mzerbib

    Questions before purchase

    Thank you very much for your prompt answers. Michael
  3. mzerbib

    Questions before purchase

    Thanks Brandon, I've just explained to Bactalan the purpose of different DB. Perhaps you have work around to achieve that easily. Do you propose custom coding services or do you know someone that offers this kind of services?
  4. mzerbib

    Questions before purchase

    Hi Bactalan thanks for the input. Do you have site example, tutorial links for the ~#2 for #3 our goal is to create a community portal for customers and prospects. We would like to propose shared materials but also resources only available for customers. Perhaps there is a way into the profile fields to store this info and to personalize the code to make it possible...