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  1. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I have defined the 100 tags for use in all forums, and I have defined those 11 prefixes for all forums also. I understand there are limitations presently, so can you outline the best solution currently available to me? Can I have a closed system of 111 'items' which can be used as either tags or prefixes, whichever the user wants? (and if you're looking for feedback, please make tag selection use autocomplete rather than the drop down - after 10 items or so it becomes bad UI - though I understand this may be IPB rather than you)
  2. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    That forum is in 'Inherit'. The board as a whole is set to 'closed' (meaning to use my defined list, the 11 prefixes in that forum and the 100 tags site-wide) I'm definitely only getting the prefixes to choose from, either for use as a prefix or a tag: Any other screen shots would help?
  3. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Hi, I installed the mod and created a bunch of custom tags, closed system, everything looked fine. I then created my first prefix, I created only 11 of them. Not, when creating a topic, I can use any of the 11 new prefixed, but none of the (maybe 100) previous tags are available. Do I have a setting wrong somewhere? I can't imagine tags and prefixes to be mutually exclusive (as I've read to the contrary). Any advice welcome :(
  4. Download: BoWoB Chat

    Is this a straight up rip of cometchat? www.cometchat.com I use CometChat on my site, have done for 2 years, and this *looks* identical.
  5. Mail Chimp Integration

    That's all it does? A CSV of email addresses? $10? Sounds like scam of the century.
  6. Personally, I agree with this guy, and I'm disappointed you all shot him down. I'm still running 3.1.4 (still!) and I like having the thread starter name in a column of its own - it makes things easy. Adding the avatar there would be great. When I upgrade to 3.3, I lose this column, and starters are placed under topic title. I'm going to have to mod this, as I want to retain topic descriptions (a la the mod that does so), so I want starter off in its own column. It's be nice to have the choice on some of these things.
  7. I thought so, but you wouldn't believe the number of times a conversation misses the vital input :D
  8. Just to confirm (and make it clear), are you saying that these loads are because this is the first time anyone has visited this thread since conversion, and will only happen once, not once for each member?
  9. Got a question before purchasing

    You're right, asp options are all limited, which is why I moved to ipb. Can asp and php play nice?
  10. Lacking a mobile app under IP.Board 3.3.0

    I've done a lot of custom work under IP.Content - but not using databases/articles. Will I be able to template it in some way that it can be used in the app?
  11. bring the TAB back

    Super, I might just do that (still on 3.1.4 till 3.3 launches on Friday).
  12. bring the TAB back

    And really, shift+tab should be a reverse cycle.
  13. bring the TAB back

    I completely agree with this.
  14. Additional IPS Community Enhancements

    While I'm very much encouraged by what's above, I find myself a little disheartened at the release of an iOS app with no mention of an android app. Android has a greater market share then iOS (50% vs 30%, give or take), so why wasn't it developed first? When can we expect it?
  15. I paid $120 to have that converter made 15 months ago, so I'd hope it could be easily adapted, as that is a lot of moneyto shell out for what is probably a simple change.