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  1. I'm not being immature. It is my opinion, and known fact. I never seen any forum software add such a official tab system. Only reason no webmaster need one because its a wasteful feature to make something like that official. Like I said it should always remain as a hook, add-on, mod or whatever you would like to call it. I also find it funny as a personal attacks. I have nothing personal agasint it. If it was added I wouldn't mind. But I don't want to spend 2+ hours trying to remove such a useless feature everytime I use IPB. When I rather add it from the templates.
  2. I find the thread title funny. Only because if you have no experince with basic html. I'm surprised you spent $150 for this software or more. It is easy and simple to add a tab to the navigation. It's like learning 2 + 2 = 4. It would take less than 5 secs to locate the navigation code in the template, and then add a tab. I don't see this becoming a official feature either. Maybe a hook, but not a official feature. Also if it did it would of just wasted 1 hour of the IPB team life to add such a official feature to.
  3. 3.2 looks so awesome! Release it already I want it already I can't wait! :thumbsup:
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