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  1. New: Promoting Content

    Like this idea a lot! I hope it gets implemented soon Also, Instagram and G+ are also need it
  2. Hi, is there a demo link of your KroCan theme?


    1. Dylan Riggs

      Dylan Riggs

      Hey there. You can check the demo at by going to www.omegacitizen.com

      At the very bottom is a "theme" button. If you click that and check "KroCan" you'll be able to test it out ^_^


  3. Hi, Is there any method, API or something on the marketplace in order to integrate the user registration between IPBoard and a couple of PHP Scripts? I'm looking for options, so any help or advice will be really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Jesus
  4. Multiple sections - different colors

    Hi Ian, Where can I found documentation to make this possible? If I use different colors per forum category, how will the upgrade between versions will work? I mean, does the upgrades respect this changes? Thanks
  5. Classifieds

    Yes, you did. Thank you!
  6. Classifieds

    Hello, As a 1st time user installing this app on my system, I need to know what option should I select for Duplicate tables during the install (Skip - Don't create those tables or Drop original tables and overwrite.) Again, this its for a brand new install. Thanks for your clarification, right now I can't proceed as I dont want to mess things up. Jesus PS Sorry for my basic question, but its better to prevent.
  7. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    User email validation Thanks for your answer
  8. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    Hi, I'm using Auto Welcome Members on my board but recently I checked some spammers registered on my website. Those spammers had been flagged on my spammer group and they never complete the registration process but the Auto Welcome message still post the message on the board. Does any one knows how to prevent this to happen? I think a good idea could be to wait until they become full member to post the message on the forum or if the user group its different to banned, as all my latest member registrations had been flagged as spam and are auto detected to the banned group. Thanks for sharing something to prevent this to happen or work this issue. Jesus
  9. I was thinking today in something similar to disqus to be used with this forums as an external widget for other sites, but an idea like this might be intresting. Jesus
  10. Wordpress - Invision Bridge

    I agree, I'll like to see if there's a demo or better yet a website in action where I can see how IP.Content works and how it looks like on a real website (Specifically I'll like to see a real life template)
  11. mod_rewrite from vBSEO to IPB

    Thank you Brnado, I'll send them an email right away, as my boards are beign offline from 1 week, I need to get this up and running today. Jesus
  12. mod_rewrite from vBSEO to IPB

    Hello Brandon, will you please clarify to me this: I'm leaving a nightmare because of URL's redirects, there seems to be poorly information about this on the docs and the forums. Jesus
  13. Waiting for my license to download and make the migration from vb

  14. YouTube Embeded Videos

    Hi, Will you mind to share with me (us) an example of BBCode for MP3 files? Thanks in advance