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  1. Sorry, I don't understood your question. If you refer to my forum (gallery, blog, etc.) yes, they're working normally.
  2. What I'm looking basically there are 2 things... an easy way to improve the look or the navigation in my community and the ability to use an app out of the box with it. I probably need to use the Pages app (as never used before) and the Clubs seems like a good option too, just too confused at this point in how to use it properly. What I understand about the software I pointed out its that you can replace things like Facebook groups using it (which I think that can also be done with Clubs this side). and for the content, well, I'll like to be able to post articles (like a magazine) which I can probably do (I'm not sure with Pages). The point again, its to be able to use this a complete solution to manage a community this days. The wall concept (as Facebook has) seems to be really useful for many people and using it here could be interesting as well (I know about Social streams, but probably using those streams more like a wall concept (don't know if that possible too)). And for monetization, well... I'll like to be able to use and/or have a place to insert call to action widgets, either in a wall, social stream, forum post or an article. As having good content with a nice search engine friendly platform (like IPB) will be helpful in order to convert leads. Right now, when my forums gets visits well, forum threads don't give me a chance to have a widget or to organize the content in a way I can get a lead. I don't know if I'm explaining this properly and again, I'm not trying to say that IPBoard doesn't work or its not a good tool, as I think it is and I'm along time user... I'm just trying to make it work with all the things people its currently using it. One thing I love with IPBoard its that I'm able to translate it to the Spanish, that's something the other tool doesn't offer and they don't seems to be close to offer it. Does any one knows a website using it IPB with Pages in a similar way? or differently? (like with a wall or social streams, etc) Also, how far or is there a solution for IPB to have an app? Thank you and again, I'm not trying to say that IPBoard its not worth or doesn't work, I love the product and I'm trying to make it work someway some how. That's way I'm looking for options (different options) and honestly its hard inside the marketplace... Have good night everyone!
  3. Hello everybody, I'll like to see more interaction with my user base, and I'm trying to understand a little more what people are looking this days to participate. I found this https://www.mightynetworks.com/ and looks promising and I'll like to see how far is IPBoard in order to make it work like this one. The concept seems very easy to understand as they're looking to give users more independency from Facebook groups (as people understands what a facebook group its) however, when you're in Facebook they can close your group or anything at any time, they own everything. I love the idea of the Clubs... will like to understand more how to use it with articles and categories, and of course with the ability to use an app for al this. In fact, this mighty networks has an app, where you enter and every community seems to be part of it and if you pay more $ then you can have your own app (branded). For me, well at this time it doesn't help as there's no way to translate the software and as I speak Spanish and my community its in Spanish well, it doesn't help me in any way to have an English software. 😞 I'm a long time user for IPB and I'll like to see how to improve the user experience with Clubs, Articles, etc. into a more intimate and user friendly interface. I hope you don't mind that I share my experience here and what I'm looking for to make my community work again. Keep doing your great job and lets try to build something from ideas like this one.
  4. Thank you. I installed and I didn't saw the icon (in mobile or desktop) even adjusting the css settings mentioned here in this thread. I'm using a custom theme, do I need to adjust something else or it should work as is? Thank you again!
  5. Hello, Is this compatible with 4.4.4? Thank you!
  6. Will like to. Thanks @Adriano Faria
  7. @Adriano Faria can I get a demo of this to see how it works? Also, I'll like to know is it possible to bulk import links and categories? & if we can adjust the front end using Pages app? (I believe so, but better to ask) Thank you!
  8. Hello, I've been a customer from IPBoard from long time ago and well, I'm kind of worried as I'm trying to make things work properly in my community and I'll like to know what are the plans for the future of IPBoard. The use of Social Networks are more frequent but I'm still have the vision to get my community grow using tools like IPBoard, however I still think that there are opportunities to make it work. I love the product (IPBoard) and what it help us do, but we need to get creative and make some money. I know all the pages in my forums generate traffic but I can't make ANY income for that traffic... the main reason I believe why this happening its because there's no place to put a clear call to action. So people come and read, sometimes they also answer but... there's nothing else to do here inside the forum pages. I'll like to know, if possible, plans and ideas for the software and what are you all thinking for the future. What's in your plans? and how can we benefit for this? I believe there are more users like me thinking how to make an income from this. We all generate traffic, but we need to make it work in someway and convert those visits into something. A few ideas come to my mind in order to try to generate some kind of income from this traffic. 1) Forum sponsors. If we can create a way to display some kind of graphic (sponsor) in every forum might be useful and could work in order to generate leads. As people will come to read and they might find a related graphic (sponsor) to click on it and convert something. 2) Text sponsors. How about selling words (all over the forums) with links where we can create UTM in order to get leads from those text links? But I'm sure there are more ideas, plenty of ideas probably... so what's in your plans? I need to renew my license again and I'm looking forward in order to make it work!
  9. Thank you. I had a duplicated OG code. I removed the one originally in my template and now it works! Great plugin!
  10. Great plugin, thank you! Just a question and a suggestion. My question, I just tested the url in Facebook and it worked perfectly. However with Twitter I'm seeing this here's the URL (https://mundoregio.com/foro/topic/59007-tips-para-buscar-en-google/?tab=comments#comment-60373) and I've an attachment. Thank for your help on this one (I hope it works with twitter too). and my suggestion... It will be great if we can include an IF statement in order to give administrators and moderators a chance to use this incredible plugin and prevent a misuse of it as regular members might not use it properly. Thank you again for this useful tool, you made my day! Jesus
  11. Hello, I honestly believe that this needs to be covered and start thinking in someway to be able to share posts more social networks friendly.
  12. Hello, is it possible to see this working anywhere? Thank you!
  13. Like this idea a lot! I hope it gets implemented soon Also, Instagram and G+ are also need it
  14. Hi, is there a demo link of your KroCan theme?


    1. Dylan Riggs

      Dylan Riggs

      Hey there. You can check the demo at by going to www.omegacitizen.com

      At the very bottom is a "theme" button. If you click that and check "KroCan" you'll be able to test it out ^_^


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