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  1. On break for school now taking custom work orders !

  2. i miss this place wish i was running a community

  3. i need help with soe js menu stuff on my skin anyone wanna help me for a donation ?

  4. Miss me brotha?

  5. is pretty upset my license needs renewed and cant even upload files to the marketplace to make some money back

  6. broke my droid for the 3rd time wtf..

  7. my opinion of IPB 3.2

    That site would honestly take most webmasters 1 to 2 hours to upgrade... sorry. All the apps are i know for a fact gonna be upgraded to 3.2 that skin could take like 20 mins if that and i dont see many other changes. The person for you should not have to charge for that it should usually be routine. Portal is a child from ip content now ips does not have time yo support all these applications they discontinued to 3rd party which would honestly do better there.
  8. can someone tell me if its possible to connect to ipbs database with visual basics and make users login?

  9. why is there 2 search bars doesnt make sense

  10. i need my car... :(

    1. AndyF


      why where is it / what's broken

  11. my car broke down... :( i was in a busy intersection too there goes my money.

  12. mw3gaming.net

    1. co19


      shameless promotion.. I like it

    2. xCurlyx
    1. Mat B

      Mat B

      Status updates are not a support channel. Please post in appropriate areas, and please do not post status updates linking to support threads.

  13. Need new FTP Client

    filezilla will always be your best friend