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  1. any leand me some money so i can get a licence and get my site back :(

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    2. JahLion


      lol i need some money also...

    3. .Peter


      If only paypal had a lend feature.... I would be giving out so many loans...

    4. XBN Jamie

      XBN Jamie

      @orret i was on hosted communtiy and they termenated me they say i have to but a sanderd licence

  2. :( my site has just been terminated :(

    1. AndyF
    2. XBN Jamie

      XBN Jamie

      a Report that we have been DDoSing other Sites that are rivals but i dont no how to DDoS :(

  3. thanks for the help :)

  4. well done on promo

  5. can any one do a simple skin edit ? i need the board Statistics moved up above the active user(s) anyone help

  6. can i buy this i cant find the download link
  7. looking for some members to join http://trademarkgaming.net/forums

    1. Aisha


      imo forums are more attractive when they're open to the public

    2. XBN Jamie

      XBN Jamie

      i no but i would like people to sign up

  8. Thanks for all the help 5*

  9. Would any one make me a skin that is simpal but would go with http://trademarkgaming.net/ color's

    1. scottlawson15


      Yes :P i still gotta design it

    2. Collin S.

      Collin S.


  10. how is crap bhl coming along

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    2. SmokeyDevil


      change your root admin thing, it's freakin' annoying.

    3. aeharding


      You skin is very bad with resolutions.

    4. Kyanar


      <marquee> tags aren't supported in IE8 man.

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