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  1. No, I just need to store the memberID in the table, correct?
  2. Is there a guide on how to add a settings form like plugins for applications? I wanted to add a simple settings form for my application that was originally a plugin. Thanks!
  3. I wanted to clarify my question. My plugin uses the database table core_members, which is not allowed anymore. I needed to make it use a separate database table called profileSongs_song which holds the profile songs URL. I needed help with linking the database tables with the member ID. Any tips is appreciated. protected function _profileSongSet( \IPS\Helpers\CoverPhoto $song ) { $this->member->kuzi_song_path = isset( $song->file ) ? (string) $song->file : NULL; $this->member->save(); } So this line is what I need to change. $this->member->kuzi_song_path = isset( $song->file ) ? (string) $song->file : NULL; I have a database schema created in my application called profilesongs_song, with the profile song URL which the column name is songPath.
  4. How do we query a database separate in an application? For example, if an application has something called profileSongs, how would we query that and retrieve a table value in php? Any examples or documentation available?
  5. Can someone list me a place to find documentation on how to handle errors in IPS suite?
  6. How exactly does Invision Power Board handle error logs and messages? Generally we use try catch. catch ( \RuntimeException $e ) { if ( method_exists( get_parent_class(), __FUNCTION__ ) ) { return \call_user_func_array( 'parent::' . __FUNCTION__, \func_get_args() ); } else { throw $e; } }
  7. In the applications, I have updated the language.xml file with the new strings, and it is not imported into the application directly in dev_mode. How do I update language words in the application as for plugins this works for what I expect just not for applications. Inside the data folder of my application, I have where the lanague.xml is modified after the application is installed. What do I need to do for it to save to the application properly?
  8. How do you authorize a client using the API? Like, I want to enter a form that verifies the account using the username or password, or a key generated from an oAuth like Facebook. Any tips or guides to get started with?
  9. Seth Jones


    We are trying to move our login system on our game server to use the oAuth API for logins. Does anyone know the best practice to use this? For example, we have a C# login server which checks tables for certain items, then we apply it to our player save file. Although, we use a custom C# .DLL to invoke a browser on the client side, then it receives a token and sends it to the login server.
  10. ​Ok thanks, I do not plan to upgrade my live board immediately, at-least the one that is the largest, but I want to get familiar with it as soon as possible and prepare using it on a one of my smaller live boards since it will teach me how to use it (demoing isn't the same as actual use).
  11. ​Release Candidate is safe to use for a live board?
  12. I kind of think that IP.Board 4 is better than 3 so far, but I hope that they fix some of the issues with theming. I never liked it in IP.Board 3. It's one of the things that has made me want to switch to myBB or even Xenforo mostly due to how customizable it appears to be. I feel like open-source software is usually better unless the paid software is backed by tons of skilled developers (Photoshop is a prime example) who are truly passionate which IP.Board developers are don't get me wrong, which is rare since money is more of a driving force rather than a passion for these people. I essentially can get myBB to do all I need, for no money. Paid suites like IP.Board/Xenforo really just for business people who aren't willing to customize their board.
  13. It will take many years before 4 is worth switching to. Remember how much 3 sucked up until like 3.3? It will be the same with this one. Early adopters go ahead, but I am not gonna jump ship that soon.
  14. I've tried the above fix, but the graph is not working for me.
  15. Support is good enough, not the best it could be since there is always a way to serve people better, but there's nothing to really complain about. You could have Paypal support and never get responses at all. They seem to be fairly decent when it comes to telling you what is wrong even if it is your fault and not their fault. I've had experiences which I have been left a little unsatisfied, but for the most part I rate their service super.
  16. There's no point in upgrading to 4.0.0 at first. It took IP.Board 3 a very long time before it was good. Any practical use of new software is to wait a few years before jumping in or else you have a chain of problems.
  17. I think there needs to be an automatic process that resizes signatures to fit the maximum size you set, just like images posted in the post area do.
  18. Seth Jones


    I noticed a problem with bulleted lists, it is likely an issue with numbered lists as well. The fist post here has a bulleted list that is incorrectly shown in the portal feed. I am also using Portal 1.4.1. Thank you.
  19. Can you possibly add a way to change between recent topics and recent posts? I would also like an ajax update option. Thanks.
  20. I understand, thanks for clearing that up. :)
  21. I have a question, why is HTTPS only the login? I'm not real familiar with HTTPS, but I noticed vBulletin has it on their entire site. Does it make the server slower, or is it not worth doing the entire data protocol? If there's only positive it can do, why not add it to IP.Board or have a more advanced HTTPS settings module.
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