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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IP.SEO

    Great Work!
  2. omg tvm really easy :D working now
  3. well yes we got a problem with that, because if i remove the z-index then the inside borders of the design were covered by the articles images, so I use the normal code for the outside parts of the image slider: .theme-orman.slider-wrapper { background:url(slider.png) no-repeat; width:720px; height:377px; margin:0 auto; padding-top:63px; position:relative; } and add two more images cutting the inside borders of our image: .theme-orman .mario{ background:url(mario.png) no-repeat; width:225px; height:305px; position:absolute; top:0px; left:1px; z-index:300; } .theme-orman .matacho{ background:url(matacho.png) no-repeat; width:254px; height:373px; position:absolute; top:0px; left:468px; z-index:300; } In this way the title back to be clickable :), because like u said it was not clickable because of overlapped of image, now we want to do the article image clickable, some advice for that? And really thx for ur design it's very ordered and code is easy to understand and manage.
  4. tvm take a look to our updates: www.rpgamerz.com
  5. no, i mean slide image for pascal them for example, and when u said open pascal.css u mean in my pc and then reupload all? or where can I find that file to do that?
  6. Thx, when u said open pascal.css u mean in my pc and then reupload all? or where can I find that file to do that? two more things, first can I modify the slider image? and reupload it? and if it's posible, how can i do that, because i try and also delete my cache files, but the image still the same that before. Also I noticed that in style.css file u have: .theme-pascal.slider-wrapper, .theme-orman.slider-wrapper { margin-top:150px; } /*====================*/ /*=== Other Styles ===*/ /*====================*/ .clear { clear:both; } It means that I can make my own style? If yes how can I add it?
  7. Thx it is really usefull to config that timing, another question, is ther a way to reduce the size font of my actual template?, because when title is very large the letters overlapped. Thx in advance.
  8. Hi there, i have an issue, when i used on my web i realize some kind of delay between text and images presentation, is it timing equals and is it configurable?, can u help me to see what is happening pls. http://www.rpgamerz.com/ Thx in advance
  9. Download: (TH) Xbox 360

    Hi! Great SKin, i love ir, but didnt work fine on Ip.Content, hope this problem can be fixed: Do you know how can i fix it? Best Regards! Jas
  10. Nacht Skin

    thanks! work fine :D
  11. Nacht Skin

    Sorry for my noob question, but, what file i have to edit for fix it? now i update the entire skin, but i still have the same problem. Should i have to delete and reinstall it clean? Thanks!
  12. Download: Tweet Button

    Work fine with Path info, Tyvm.
  13. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Hey Ilia Goranov i want to use this hook, i see you have the correct and own code. Where i can find it? Thanks you in advance
  14. To hard to find a free skin =S

    1. Wolfie


      Finding free skins aren't hard. Finding free skins that match the feel you want though...

    2. SkimPappa


      Try this link, pick a category, then click one without a dollar sign next to it, http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/110-skins/