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  1. IPS Marketplace Success

    Would love to use it myself, but I can't as long as there is no way to require an Install URL to be submitted for purchases. Licensing/pirating is a big deal in this industry, and I can't fathom not having visibility on where my skins are being used legitimately. Clearly some commercial providers are comfortable with that, but I'm not one of them :blush: Glad it's working for some though :thumbsup:
  2. Need better support

    You are questioning IPS's knowledge of PHP? Really? lol The forums here are not to be used for official support. That's what the helpdesk is for. Also, these are not "technical problems" that you are having. You are making modifications or have installed plugins to your forums. IPS, nor any software company, is obligated to provide support for such things. They may be able to help you, but I imagine your best chance is with a helpdesk ticket - not a thread in the forums. The forums are a good place if you want help from fellow IPB customers. I've dealt with other forum software companies, and IPS's support is leaps and bounds better than others...when you ask the right way,
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      Thank you for your feedback!

  3. You do not have to be a PHP guru to change your vBulletin skin. You do, however, need to understand a complicated StyleVars system and have a lot of time on your hands. The vBulletin styling engine is not really all that complex in terms of figuring out how to change something. The problem is that it's very inefficient and takes for-e-ver to make changes because the work is so tedious. IPB is much more user-friendly to make custom skins for. If you want simple color changes to the default skin, there is a style generator for that. If you want to make some larger layout changes, you will need to know CSS, but that's to be expected for any designing.
  4. IE7 not working well with 3.1.3

    Ok, you're missing the point. It does not matter how much you think IE7 sucks, how great you think IE8 is, or how easy it is to upgrade. All that matters is what people out there are using. Not everybody uses the latest and greatest software, period. Nobody here, or even on planet earth for that matter, has the power to force everybody with a computer to upgrade to the latest version of IE. 60% of Windows users still use XP 7% of internet users still use IE7 Windows 7 is better than XP. Do you think this means that nobody must support XP? Of course not. It does not matter if you think the software is garbage and nobody should use it. As a forum owner (and software vendor, IPS), you must support IE7 because a significant number of your visitors use it.
  5. IE7 not working well with 3.1.3

    IE8 was released, non-Beta, in March 2009. ~1.5 years ago, brand new computers shipped with IE7. IE7 is not the dinosaur you're making it out to be. :thumbsup: I've already said I agree that people should upgrade their browsers, but I'm not blind to the fact that people don't. We don't live in a perfect world. In that world, nobody would use IE. Just because people shouldn't use it doesn't mean that we can ignore it. FYI: 66% Of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP
  6. IE7 not working well with 3.1.3

    I'm shocked at the animosity in this thread. Yes, IE sucks. However, IE7 is not that old, and it's not absurd for somebody to use it. Last I checked, 6-10% of the population use IE7. That's not peanuts and just something to scoff at, telling your users "that's your problem, not mine". For forums that cater towards an older audience or an audience with a lot of people who browse at work, that percentage is going to be a lot, LOT higher than 10%. IE7 is still very relevant and we must adhere to its inconsistencies. Minor inconsistencies can be ignored, but anything major that interferes with the functionality of the forums must be addressed. Recommending to your members that they should upgrade to IE8 or use a different browser is fine...I do the same...but telling them "tough luck, I don't care about your problems in IE7" is not the answer. You can do that with IE6, but not IE7. Not yet ;)
  7. Where do I find IPB skins?

    This is a great place to start: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/category/110-skins/
  8. Tracker! That's what I was looking for. I apologize, I'm a dummy. I knew there had to be something around here somewhere...I looked everywhere on the IPS homepage, client area, and forums...except did not look in the forum navigation :blush: Thanks Alex :thumbsup:
  9. Forgive me if this is the wrong place (not sure where "bugs" are supposed to be reported). Obviously very minor, but while I was reviewing the changes in 3.1.3, I noticed that this is now defined twice (back-to-back) in ipb_styles.css: .popupClose { position: absolute; left: 12px; top: 12px; } That's all. Carry on :)
  10. All skins updated for 3.1.3: http://bit.ly/b4O2bt ...Round 1. Round 2 next week.

  11. Give notification for + rep

    Yeah, that depends on how you use the word "notified". It can mean different things. Facebook adds a +1 red bubble/notification in your menu when somebody "Likes" something of yours. This cannot be turned off. You can optionally receive an email when somebody replies to something of yours, tags you, etc. That can be turned off. Those are really 2 different types of notifications. IPB has similar divides.
  12. Give notification for + rep

    Do you find it annoying at Facebook too? Because they throw up a red notification bubble anytime somebody likes your content, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to opt out ;)
  13. Give notification for + rep

    Then turn it off: Why are you guys so against letting others enable a feature they want? I've posted fairly frequently at the XF forums, and let me tell you first hand that the red notification bubbles when somebody "Like"s my post is very effective, and I do not find them annoying - I welcome them. I don't have it set up to throw a popup in my face every time somebody likes a post of mine - just add a +1 to my notification counter. Have you ever experienced this "notification for positive rep" in production? Hop over to the XF forums. Get involved. Then state your opinion.
  14. Give notification for + rep

    Let's put this into perspective. You've been here for 6 years and have over 5k posts. You have an overall reputation of 204. Doing some simple math, this means that if you had notifications enabled, you would have received, on average, 1 notification every 10 days. Is 3 notifications a month really that annoying? And remember, if you think it's annoying, then all you have to do is turn it off. Nobody's going to force popups in your face if you don't want them.