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  1. Ignore Avatars

    many thanks for the hook, can you add the ability to remove the avatar from the top of the topic view?
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    many thanks, very clear
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    Hi I would like to use this to manage recording subscription on a monthly basis and also annual. Are there any documents how to configure both the App and also how to setup paypal?
  4. Controlling image display in 3.2

    We need to allow users to disable avatars / photos too. Apologies for he other thread started
  5. Is it possible to allow users to ignore user photos / avatars in the same way they can with signatures ?
  6. Topic Preview On Hover

    Hi is it possible to control the time it takes before activating?
  7. Download: Fusion Menu

    certainly be interested in a 3.3 version
  8. (VD) Agenda View

    Has development on this ceased?
  9. (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter

    Hi , Does this work on 3.3?
  10. will this be upgraded to work in 3.2?
  11. (VD) Agenda View

    First this is a great mod. But we suffer from the -GMT Issue, we have users globally. Would I be correct that is only problem displaying all day events to anyone with a -GMT? If so if all day events we changed from an all day event to a specified time range , even one that is 00:30 GMT to 23:00 GMT would it be a work around?
  12. IP.Board Classic Blue 1.0

    Hi, will this skin be adapted to work with 3.2?
  13. [HQ] Prevent Registrations From Proxy Servers

    Hi a couple of questions 1) is there a limit to the number of whitelist entries? 2) Does the blocking only block open proxies or all proxies? We are only interested in blocking open spammer proxies and also proxies used by anonymiser etc which is being used by banned users to re-join
  14. Firewall blocking rules

    Hi we use Plesk to admin our server, we have a ip range we would like to block we have used rules like which I think will block all ips that start from 220.73.1.* But how do you block wild card like 220.73.1*.* ?
  15. [HQ] Prevent Registrations From Proxy Servers

    would be interested in this hook if it had a whitelist option, can you configure which proxy lists it uses?