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  1. Newsletters

    I seem to be having an issue where the sender will only send to 15 people on the distribution before the scheduler task locks. When it does this, it shows that 0 emails were sent in the Back Issues section. I have tried my local SMTP as well as Mandrill. If I unlock the task, it just resends to the first 26 members again. Any ideas?
  2. Newsletters

    That is good information! Thank you. One last question... Is there a limit to the Emails per Cycle option? I use Mandrill as my SMTP host, so I can send a huge volume at once.
  3. Newsletters

    Ok, thanks for the info. Another question. Is there a way to clear the sending queue? In case you need to stop sending after you have already hit publish.
  4. Newsletters

    What is the interval for sending the newsletters? Trying to figure out how long sends will take if I set it to 100 per batch.
  5. Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    Is there a way to make it not show an thumbnail or the thumbnail border when there is No Image? This would be similar to how another site handles its thuumbnails, reddit. Note this in the attached picture:
  6. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Editor improvements

    Since you will be saving Static HTML now, how will the system handle changes in CDNs? ie, if an emoticon is linked in HTML to xyz.mycurrentcdn.com and you change to abc.mynewcdn.com will all of the emoticons used be broken?
  7. Newsletters

    Yes, it is 1.3.9
  8. Newsletters

    hmmm... When the email sends out it includes links that are broken. They look like this: http://mydomain.com/index.phptopic/182129-this-is-sparta/ Specifically, note this part of the url: index.phptopic Thoughts?
  9. To clarify, I mean that i would like it to show a default sig on all posts viewed by guests.
  10. Is there a way to use this to have a default signature show for guests? I cannot figure out how to get it to work for that.
  11. Automated robots.txt file

    I would really like to see the IPB development team get behind this. I know they must use GWMT, so they have to see the errors people get with their out of the box robots....
  12. Remove the avatars from the IP.Chat!

    I am getting tons of complaints from my users as well. They are demanding that we go back to 1 line per post.
  13. Making IP.Board more efficient

    That's great! I cannot wait for 3.2.3!
  14. IP.Board required more optimization

    Comparing IPB to Xenforo is like comparing the handling of a Rolls Royce to a Honda. Yeah, the Honda might be a bit quicker and more agile, but look at all the cool gadgets and features that it doesn't have compared to the Rolls.
  15. IP.Board required more optimization

    I can tell you that I am getting a 75 with my installation of ip.board.