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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    Added a new moderator permission:

    And a setting to the project submitter:

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    DanLemX reacted to rhyker2u in Bitcoin Support for Commerce   
    No worries, I got 4+ years of blockchain and 15+ years of API payment gateway experience and we are going to run some really advanced things on the IPS4 powered platform of OSXL. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10003-whats-going-on-ill-tell-ya-whats-going-on/?do=findComment&comment=77753 ... Some of those crypto currency plugins might find their way onto the Market Place of invision ?
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    Ok, next version. ?
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    What's New in Version 1.1.1:
    Fix error on Activity Streams when category setting to allow anonymous donators is enabled. Compatible with IPS 4.3 ONLY.
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    DanLemX reacted to opentype in Club Blog not showing to Guests   
    → Support ticket
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    DanLemX reacted to AlexWright in Club Blog not showing to Guests   
    Yeah, as opentype said then, a support ticket is the way to go.
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    DanLemX reacted to onlyME in Musicbox (Support)   
    The latest version is compatible with ips 4.3
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    DanLemX reacted to Adam_S in Musicbox (Support)   
    This is a great app!  However, can i offer some suggestions on things to add in upcoming releases:
    - More detailed reporting for the person who uploaded the song (such as a separate page for the uploader which shows them information like: approximate or accurate geolocations of who listened to the song with a google maps overlay; a graph option which shows how often over the past week, month, and year that its been played; a list to show which members have played it the most, etc)
    - Restrict who can download songs (according to membership groups)
    - Allow the uploader to enable / disable Downloading for their specific song
    - Integration with the IPS Tag system (so songs can use the global tags)
    - A description field which is listed directly under the song on the song page
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in Crowdfunding   
    What's New in Version 1.1.0:
    New features:
    New category setting to allow anonymous donators Abilitiy to add color to Categories (just like forums) Support to Rest API
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    DanLemX reacted to CP_User in Classifieds System   
    Do you have a date for when this will be ready for 4.3? ?
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    DanLemX reacted to The Old Man in The fabled Getting Started - Hello World app!   
    You little teases! You promised us a start to finish Hello World app tutorial a couple of years ago...
    "Available soon." So who forgot? 
    Come on Lindy, crack that whip, we need you to launch a Invision Community University Club, with tutorials for all levels! 
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    DanLemX reacted to rfcontreras in Facebook Killed Forums   
    Facebook not really killed the forums, depending on your niche. My astronomy forum members went to facebook to show their works, but at the end, facebook does not provide an archive of discussions like a forum. Today people want to be liked instantly instead of discuss topics. Facebook is not a community in my humble point of view. Forums will never die, they will stay a long long time.. just google some of your forum topics, facebook will not show on the results.
    Adsense used to be a good profit generator, but lately it's not even close to the revenue we used to get 5 years ago. 
    Best Regards
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    DanLemX got a reaction from GoDuBois in Classifieds System   
    This application is really great, but it would be nice if the adverts can be for services and not just physical items.   Under "Item Condition", I can't leave that blank if the advert is about a service, a job posting or any other type of "classified" ad.  
    Will you consider updating the app to allow non physical items to be listed (ie: Job Posting, Services, etc...)
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    DanLemX reacted to Michael.J in Videos Support   
    I haven't had a chance to look at that particular feature yet but will note it for a future version.
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    DanLemX reacted to David.. in RSS Import & Export for Clubs   
    Would be cool if we could import & export feeds via RSS into our favorite Clubs. Currently only Forums is available.
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    DanLemX reacted to Adam_S in Venue Names to list alphabetically   
    Can i suggest that the list of Venue Names (when adding an event) be listed alphabetically?  I notice at the moment, they're just listed by when they were added (I'm guessing by index number), but if they were listed alphabetically, it would make it easier for people to find their venue if/when there's alot of venues in that list.
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    DanLemX reacted to SJ77 in Feedback on Social Promotions / Our Picks   
    I would love it if Gallery images could be promoted!
    and blogs too
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    DanLemX reacted to Joel R in Feedback on Social Promotions / Our Picks   
    Now that i'm using Our Picks live on my website, here are some suggestions:
    Warning notice when I promote with no picture Not really sure why I need to wait when immediately publishing in next batch Allow me to edit my "Our Picks" page.  I can edit Twitter and FB posts after the fact, but not my own community.  
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    DanLemX reacted to opentype in Feedback: no comment form in clubs needs explanation   
    If people reach club content by going through the main door (i.e. the club homepage), they might get how this works, but content can also be reached in other ways, e.g. from the activity feed (for open clubs). Or even worse: Someone posts in the forums and then the admin moves that into a club where it fits better. 
    In those cases the user will see the content (even his/her own), but no comment form, because the user is not a club member yet. This leads to confusion. (Members on my site have told me so)
    So my suggestion is:
    Just like there is the guest block “Create an account or sign in to comment”, the missing option to interact with club content until joining the clubs needs to be explained at least. And maybe even joining from that place could be possible. 
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    DanLemX reacted to InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    It's possible, simply add "Services" or whatever to the Conditions area in the ACP:
    @Claire Field @DanLemX

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    DanLemX got a reaction from InvisionHQ in Classifieds System   
    This application is really great, but it would be nice if the adverts can be for services and not just physical items.   Under "Item Condition", I can't leave that blank if the advert is about a service, a job posting or any other type of "classified" ad.  
    Will you consider updating the app to allow non physical items to be listed (ie: Job Posting, Services, etc...)
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    DanLemX reacted to Adriano Faria in More Clubs stuff!   
    Now you can reorder features of the club:
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    DanLemX reacted to SJ77 in Downloads is the whole reason I chose IPB   
    GLAD you asked.
     Personal Store Link > https://invisionpower.com/files/114025-adriano-faria ^^^THIS, more than anything!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEE Imagine if that link worked as you think it should, It would be the marketplace with all the normal, whats new, highest rated etc.. only the query to load the files would have a WHERE USERID=114025. IE: Only Adrianos stuff.  Why have that you ask? Well, Adriano can then advertise his "store" on other sites such as facebook, tumblr, and other forums. It empowers users to advertise for YOUR site!. Might not be so good for downloads specific to IPS but what if someone was using marketplace for stock photos. users don't want to advertise for everyone's stuff. They need a URL they can hand out that leads back to just THEIR OWN stuff. Some personal ownership empowers sellers. (don't even bother telling me about the profile page) An easy button for sellers that copies a link and lets them socialize their "store".... Goodness that would be like magic, so much potential to gain traffic by turning sellers into an army of advertisers!!!!! Clean up app  to work for other types of files beyond hooks and mods. I sell photos. Why do I need to see "Ver 1.0.0" on every photo in the marketplace? Want to hide version options all together for both sides of isle. Way for marketplace "sellers" to bulk mail customers. (without knowing who the customers are) My sellers would like to thank their customers. If I let them see who the buyers are they will make side deals outside of my site.  Can't allow this but would like a way for sellers to market to buyers and thank buyers without knowing who they are. Improved metrics and data feedback For sellers it would be nice if they had some stats. Like sales,  and number of transactions (count) this is at a minimum. Right now they have nothing! For Admin, would be nice to have many more ways to see what is going on. Sales, Transaction (count) and Profit would be nice to chart over time. For now there is "income" which is near meaningless. How am I supposed to run a real business with that? Seriously? I am not being sarcastic. How? Stats per user for admin , aka By user stats for ADMIN - per tax requirements etc. When it's time to do taxes it's going to be hell trying to figure out who needs a 1099 need by user amounts paid for a specific time period at a minimum. Some way to be notified when  a new file, file comment or file review needs approved!!! It's been harder than hell for me to try and figure out what is waiting on approval. I am constantly checking the marketplace, the files, the reviews. This is unmanageable. Some sort of process allowing users to become sellers. Sometimes we don't want ALL users to be sellers. Shouldn't there be some kind of process that can glue this together. Like an application that can, if approved, change groups for the user so members can then be sellers? I am just getting started.. there is soooooooo much potential I couldn't possibly list it all. We could get into geographic tools and all kinds of stuff that I have seen in other places on the web. The app does what it's supposed to do, here on IPB main site but just doesn't feel robust enough to run a serious business and monetize ones site in other cases (I know, that's just my opinion man).  I would love to see it get some attention and grow into something powerful.
    Thank you
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    DanLemX reacted to liquidfractal in another reason why i go with Invision   
    So I just did an absolutely fresh install of on a site I am preparing for an academic grant application review.  For some reason it installed and yet was utterly unusable because no CSS or template styles were loading at all.  Timeline panic made me hit the Outage button.
    Long story short: @Rhett responded in one minute.  Problem fixed in 15 minutes.
    Before I crawl back into my workhole, I just wanted to say: THAT is service.
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    DanLemX reacted to The Old Man in Official IPS Wordpress Bridge or SSO Intergration   
    Hi IPS,
    You seem to be really promoting member engagement at present which is great news. Another thing I've seen you promoting a lot is the Rest API.
    With Wordpress being so popular, I wondered if you might consider releasing an officially supported Wordpress/IPS bridge or single sign on solution, so that Admins who use IPS community suite can continue to use Wordpress (and vice versa) without expecting visitors to register twice on their website on both systems/databases, with IPS 4.x managing the membership.
    I appreciate there is a Marketplace mod available but it's extremely expensive (no offence to the developer) and honestly out of reach of the majority of IPS Admins, especially those who already run their websites at a loss, as a hobby or for non-profit making community organisations.
    WordPress was apparently used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017*, and is is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites.
    I therefore think that there could be a huge opportunity there from a business sense for IPS, since you already have the skills and knowledge of IPS inside out to do it efficiently and effectively. I think it's fair to say its unlikely the average non-dev Admin could make a secure and reliable bridge without knowing competently what they are doing, I know I certainly couldn't.
    You could perhaps do a free version with the just the member management aspect bridged, and possibly a paid version which could integrate more content such as Wordpress comments with Forums/Pages and vice versa.
    Please could you give it some thought?
    Many thanks.
    * "Usage Statistics and Market Share of Content Management Systems for Websites". W3Techs. February 2017. Retrieved February 22, 2017.
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