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  1. Da du eine ganze Weile nicht geantwortet hast hab ich selbst Hand angelegt und nähere mich langsam aber sicher der Fertigstellung. Ich werde mir trotz dessen einen Account auf ipbsupport.de anlegen damit ich dich im Fall der Fälle vielleicht um Rat bitten kann wenn ich auf Probleme stoße. Gruß Devil
  2. Hallo Helge, ich wollte eigentlich nur ganz dezent nachfragen ob denn schon eine Übersetzung für 3.2 in Arbeit ist oder ob ich lieber erst einmal selbst Hand anlegen sollte. Gruß Devil
  3. cant sleep, good time to test the 3.2 beta ;-)

  4. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    Its the answer i want to read. The Board and Content just run on the same server. Thank you very much!
  5. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    i just want to use 2 domains because the forum can be used standalone without mainpage and example-forum.com brings me a lot of new users from google and co. - most of this users search for: name + forum and find it on the top of page 1 Its like a Partnership, and i know parked domains - but its not this what i want Its right that i can use the ip.board (+ip.content) just for ONE domain?
  6. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    ok, thats not what i want. Wordpress + ip.board is the only way i think, thank you for answer so fast.
  7. hej, i use 2 domains for my project, xxxxxx.com <--- mainpage (articles, pages, media, guides etc.) xxxxxx-forum.com <--- the forum for this page, just another domain for better seo Today i use wordpress for the mainpage and the good old woltlab for the forum, but im working on a relaunch with new design, new domain for the mainpage and i think its better when i use ip.content for the mainpage to give a better bridge between the mainpage and the forum. can i do this with one license? i have just an ip.board license right now, and i want to buy a ip.content licence to do this, but i dont found any information about 2 domains. hope you understand what i mean, my english is terrible :geek: and a second question: how expensive it is to extend both licenses ? Just one time $25 like the Forum License or 2 x $25 ?
  8. i i want i want it i want it NOW! 3.2 just looks awesome, cant wait for it... please send me a beta :P
  9. Enjoying an ice cold red bull.