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  1. 4 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

    In 4.5 you can force a reset of password but there isn't an option to force reset users who happen to sign in using Twitter / FB / LinkedIn etc.

    It's been a while since I looked at that but if you register and sign in with these services do you not still have local credentials?


    No - when you use Social Sign-In's to register an account, that is the only way you can authenticate unless you go into your Account Settings and manually set a password to be used for local authentication. As such, there is no password to force to be reset.

  2. On 10/6/2019 at 11:02 AM, Dll said:

    On top of this, the manifest file is best on the root domain of the site as it can cause CORS issues if not. For a developer, it's easy to work around and put a policy in place for, but I can see why Invision would keep it on the root domain since it ensures it'll work out of the box.

    Setting this aside, the manifest file is generated dynamically based on various setting, rather than as a static file. Moving it to a cookie-less domain would require downloading a static file every time any of those settings have changed (of which, there are many spread throughout the suite).

  3. It could definitely be integrated, likely via a plugin, but is the minimum age requirement setting not sufficient?

    ACP > System > Login & Registration > Registration. Under "Allow New Registrations?" select "Yes, with full registration form" and you will be given an option to only allow registrations over a certain age.

  4. It depends on the method in use.

    1. If PHP is performing the conversion, then we can track what row it's working on in the table and update the converter accordingly. This method, however, is a lot slower.
    2. If MySQL is performing the conversion, then we can't track what row it's working on (because it's done in a single query), however this method is a lot faster than using PHP.

    So it's a double edged sword, really. If PHP were to perform the conversion, those 7 hours would have likely been a lot longer.

  5. 51 minutes ago, AndyF said:

    My 2c worth of Feedback on this: To be fair to IPS they have taken huge strides with the release notes and I strongly applaud this ( :smile: ) as its very good now in that there's a lot of detail on what was changed or updated between each version, however anything such as an option that is "removed" should really be mentioned too I think.

    With our new release notes policy, anything removed is also included, no matter how minor it is. From the 4.3.5 release notes:


    Removed a code comment which was reported to trigger a particular hosting provider's malware scanner.


  6. Actually, this is very simple to do with some template logic and a little bit of PHP - no Pages needed (though it gets easier if you do have Pages, because you have a lot more options).

    {{$tips = array( 'You can use the @ symbol to mention other members in a post.', 'If you hover over a members name, you can see a brief overview of their profile.', 'A star marked on a topic means that you have already participated in that topic.' );}}
    <p class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_info'>Did you know: {expression="$tips[ array_rand( $tips ) ]"}</p>

    I plugged this into the forums/index/index template just above the <section> tag:


  7. Threadloom is a hosted service, so they would likely need to build support themselves, rather than a third party. Natively, IPS supports ElasticSearch, which can either be self-hosted via installing on your own server, or acquiring a hosted ElasticSearch service.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

    Is it safe these days to use - "Javascript include location " -> Just before </body> tag  now?

    In the past we had several apps / plugins break when we selected that as the option but haven't retested that for I suppose a year plus now

    Yes - in fact, that's the default on new installs. If a third party application breaks because of that, then that would be a bug in that application.

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