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    Aha, got it, thanks a lot. I also saw in permission set something about mass prune, it's exactly what I need. Where can I access that? Didn't find the tool.
  2. Tracker

    Thanks, now what to do if I do not see/have that?
  3. Tracker

    I am probably really missing something, but how can I delete a bug, looked all over, don't see such option.
  4. Hi, I've recently experimented with persistent connections on my main site (not ipb, all custom code) and it really delivered noticeable improvements. This feature was (re)introduced in PHP 5.3, perhaps we can have an option in IPB to use it on systems that are capable of doing so. More info http://php.net/manual/en/mysqli.persistconns.php http://blog.ulf-wendel.de/?p=211