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  1. Will you be adding the guest option anytime soon?
  2. Anyone know what this error is? Error code: 2T187/3
  3. Ah thank you. Really decreases $$ if people have to sign up to be members first. Thank you for letting me know.
  4. Hello I cannot seem to get the SUBMIT ADVERT button to show up for guests. What needs to happen to make that happen? I have checked the permission box for Guests to see it. My area is at www.grieving.com and the classifieds have been named MarketPlace.
  5. Anyone know how to get rid of this error?
  6. The system says No Value You Specified when it is $0. Is there a way for it to say $0 or FREE? Am I missing that toggle? Is there a way to put in a range for the cost?
  7. Does theme support the commence app for like the store etc, advertising slots ....
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