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  1. No discounts if we want to complete our suite? All I'm missing is IP.Gallery. :(
  2. Awesome feature! Quick few questions: 1- If a number of users were following the topic before it was archived, will that list of users still be there if the topic is unarchived (so, is that info still stored in the new DB table)? 2- You can selectively unarchive a topic, but can you selectively archive one? Thanks!
  3. I'm not sure if this was already mentioned (13 pages is a lot to read through), but: 1. In ACP/Members, being able to filter by Unsuspended, Not Banned and Not Spam User, 2. Being able to filter out all 3 at the same time.
  4. Sure, but IPB doesn't take the email address from Facebook or Twitter, it asks you to enter one. At that point, you can enter whatever you want and it isn't validated against anything. I don't see why not. If Facebook/Twitter connect provided the email address that the user already validated on those sites, then sure, I'd agree with that. However, the user is asked to enter an email address to access the board, I think this falls under IPB's jurisdiction. That's the thing, unless I'm remembering wrong, it didn't give me that option when I tested it a couple days ago.
  5. Sure, but I was talking about giving the option during the initial log in/registration (as Twitter Connect does), to prevent users from inadvertently creating duplicate accounts. Either way, my main concern is still the lack of email validation when using these log in methods. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Hello IPS, Two simple questions: - When logging in with Twitter Connect, you are asked to manually enter an email address. If User Validation is set in the ACP, shouldn't the email address entered during this type of registration be validated by the board? Facebook Connect seems to provide IPB with the user's email address (which was already validated by Facebook). I believe I saw an option to change that address, does Facebook allow a user to enter one manually and skip the validation process this way as well? - Twitter Connect allows you to attach your Twitter log in to an existing account, during the Twitter Connect log in/registration process. Any reason why Facebook Connect doesn't give you that option? Thanks!
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