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  1. IP.Board 3.2 looks awesome!!!! I hope it gets released to customers soon!

  2. Download: Like Statuses

    UPDATE: If you're having those issues where it doesn't work properly when you try to like statuses (AKA there is nothing in the drop down box & no text for the checkboxes) SIMPLY update IPB to 3.1.4. This fixes it. Thanks for the sweet mod Alex, I really appreciate you creating this mod. (w00t)
  3. Download: Like Statuses

    I have the same problem as "erden.ozkan" and I'm on 3.1.3. I can click like and it will like, but I have those weird checkboxes and no writing. Do I need to upgrade to 3.1.4???? Or is there some way I can fix the issue? I really needed to fix it ASAP if possible please.
  4. Thank you for.. everything

    Yeah, these people need to have their own lives too. @majdi: I would think that as a person who runs their own board, you would be one of the ones who understand it. Let's face it, I wish I could have a community that grew on its own without my intervention, so I could have the experience my regular members get. But, I have to control the site from the admin side of things. I need to update the site regularly with new additions, I need to search for new innovations from the modding & skinning community, check my daily 15 PM's and various emails. From all of this, and even barely spending time on anything in my life, I still find it difficult to keep up with every single thing. Sometimes I just click on the latest topic in X forum, so that I can check something out, and then get heading on my way to whatever in life I have going on. I will try to ensure that people and systems aren't being abused, and still read over posts here and there. I try to get involved as much as I can. I try to calm down a situation when it is necessary, and give positivity to a members ideas. And, yet, I still miss posts. People like contacting an admin, it's just how it is. If you actually want to spend the time to deal with those who care by writing a lot in a message, or taking the time to contact you by email or PM; you won't have time to catch up with every problem. But, by showing that you care by responding to as many messages as you can, and responding to well-mannered posts, you at least show that you don't want to edge-on negativity. If you see a negative topic, why even bother replying, when all a troll will do is attempt to enrage you? While you have your own right to run your forum your own way, I try to base mine off of ethics. I try to keep the place calm, fun, and most importantly, a positive escape from the members day-to-day lives. I don't read chat logs, unless I'm trying to find a particular thing, or got an outstanding report of private chat abuse. I don't tell members they're worse than anybody else. I will tell them if I want them to improve on a certain skill, such as thinking before posting, or learning to read a post in a way that doesn't spark negativity. I try to help them understand to think about others, by doing so myself. And because people may not have time to get back to you seconds after contacting them, I respond to a message by explaining why I took so long to reply to them. Now, I just want you to notice that this board has nearly 150,000 members and 757,000 posts. The current forum is the 4th from the top of the page, and whether or not people intended it so, they generally are more likely to read from top to bottom if on the index. Just wanted you to get some insight into the fact that not everyone can be helped instantaneously. No offence is even intended towards you. People have their own lives, have their own jobs, and are busy with various things. If you need help bad enough, you can bring it to the attention of others in multiple ways. And, if it doesn't have to do with the product itself, but a mod, there are MANY communities out there with experienced members. It would only take a little amount of time to look. Chances are you'll find your solution before you even get a quick response. :) Please take my post with a grain of salt. it's not meant to be negative in any form whatsoever. However, if you do reply negatively, I'll just drop it, as I see no need for an argument. :P Sorry for long post guys. :lol:
  5. Thank you for.. everything

    To be honest, I'd think responding to a thank-you topic is actually worth the time. When someone takes the time to write something long like this, and spend work on it even though they didn't have to, getting acknowledgement for it is kinda nice.. Whereas, if it's a help topic where somebody can't even be bothered to spell correctly; and not provide enough info/done any research first, then who deserves the input more? Someone who puts the effort into showing appreciation and meaning it in the least selfish way possible, or someone who acts as if the world revolves around them? Just food for thought.
  6. Thank you for.. everything

    Thank you, and may the best of luck come your way as well! :D Well, I just thought it felt necessary to do. I'm sure you get so much feedback on other things, that a little nice feedback here and there, that's truly meant, is a nice thing to see. :) You guys rock.
  7. I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing line of products. I've been with IPS for just under two years now, and I've seen good, great, awesome, and some drama; that really, never needed to happen from specific community members. I've just grown to love this platform and the developers for it, more and more every day. For instance, I decided to shut my old community down, and 3 weeks ago, opened up a new one to the public. After over a year and 3/4 of having my old community up, I had 8922 posts, and 369 members. Now, my new community, grew rapidly after I first mentioned it to the public when making a comment on a Halo: Reach developer blog. My new community, after 2 weeks and 6 days, has been exploding. 5954 posts, 238 members, and an almost constant stream of guests, usually 19+ at a time. My community's online record already hit 80, and it's future is extremely bright. Everybody loves the status update system, and all the features of the community. I'm making short segment videos to explain features, so that the community will easily know how to do a certain thing, such as profile customization. It's really cool, because the members that join, instead of leaving, are staying. I'm a really nice guy, and I ensure that equality amongst everyone is the main goal to keep. But, because of the new status update system, among with notifications, this is so much more simple to do. I've gotten to know each member, by commenting on their statuses, replying when they comment on mine, and so on, and so forth. Members are calling it the "Facebook for the Halo community, only better." It is because of you, IPS, and your openness to suggestions, your willingness for implementations, and your positiveness towards any member, their thoughts, and their opinions. You have created a line of products that can help me realize one of my dreams, and aid me in accomplishing a successful community. Already on the right path, striking down any stray drama that appears, and becoming friends with everyone; I can encourage reinforcing discussions, and see it pay off. Thank you for everything you have done, for your hard work, and any bumps in the road that you have encountered. Any company experiences this if they've reached true success, and you have taken it in the best way for your company, and the people associated with it. I now already have 250 YouTube subscribers in a week, and it seems that on this path, I will soon be a YouTube Partner, making money from Adsense without distracting ads on my forum. Through the many services you've allowed us to integrate with IPB, I am able to continue, and have a social community that is unlike any other. For this I am not only grateful, I am heartfelt at the insurmountable feeling I get whenever I use this amazing piece of software. You, and your team are golden. With Best Regards, -Michael Paton
  8. Why does it say this is my first time logging in when I already had like 100 posts before? WTH?.

    1. AndyF


      The account you are using now was only created 10 minutes ago according to your join date. I would guess you used the wrong email to login with, compared to what you have used before :)

    2. miikerocks


      Everything from my account except the active customer group is gone! :( No posts, no previous statuses, no profile customizations, nothing. I've never broke the rules, I've only ever been a nice guy and a supporter of IPB. So I couldn't have been banned.

  9. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Search Overhaul

    Wow. Thank you so much for these updates. It will not only be so much easier on my end, but on the users end as well. Especially searching in just the topic you're in is amazing! Finally I don't need to looks through pages of posts in a topic to find one, or blogs, etc. IPB is the best. Every single update you guys have done just rocks. :) What a great way to end the major updates!!!!!
  10. Converting from vB 3.6.8

    Well Se7evnsins had like 120K members and it was converted in like less than a day ;)
  11. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Tighter Forum Integration

    It astounds me at how many improvements/additions there were to IPB 3.1 and IP.Content, etc, when this whole time I wasn't even thinking of many things which could be improved upon in the first place. It's like computers. Once they exist, you don't know how you could live without it. Now there's these updates. And in years to come it will be difficult to see how we could live without these. But seriously, these are insane! I can't wait for the final "big" update. Great job so far, and congratulations and getting a board with nearly 100K members converted from vBulletin. We all know you deserved the business from them. (Se7ensins)
  12. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    Just to throw in what I know -- There is a modification somewhere out there which lets the color of the username show up practically everywhere. So if in the forum it said latest post by 'theman23', and 'theman23' had VIP which made his color say green, it would show his name in a green color there as well as the other places (user online list, etc). Judging by your board (Se7ensins, I believe), I think offering a shoutbox to VIP members would be a great idea, because then they can chat to the other members easier and it's not only a reward for buying VIP, but won't be as server intensive as allowing it for the entire board. If you're looking for places for great premium mods and can't find some on IPS resources, check out the following resource sites: http://invisiontweaks.com http://invisionmodding.com http://codersrefuge.com http://devfuse.com http://ipbegypt.com Personally I reccommend things like the iCommerce System, or Sacreds complete shopping system, a button to bump a topic (if it's important, but you dont want to waist a post), and the iPoints mod can be pretty useful depending on your needs, because you can allow your members to purchase them as well and set it so they get a specific amount per character count in a post, and furthermore you can install another small mod to allow them to buy downloads with them, but only allows specific member groups to sell them. The list goes on, but either way, I'm sure IPB would be a great solution for your board. It's a great site, eI've been there many times, and still check it fairly often, and quite frankly, especially with IPB 3.1 coming soon, some of the new social networking features would be extremely beneficial and should give you even more of an edge, bringing in more members. Good luck with your site! ;)
  13. Suggestion - Phone App?

    That is cool!
  14. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Friendly URLs for Databases

    [quote name='nshahzad' date='22 February 2010 - 06:40 PM'] Great, I just bought IPB and IPC, looking forward to all the updates. Cheers! Great man, you'll love IPB 3.1 Im sure (as will I)! Congratulations on your purchase of IPB!! :thumbsup:
  15. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Topic Preview

    [quote name='Wilford Tibbetts' date='20 February 2010 - 06:58 AM'] Excellent addition! Can't wait to try it out when IP.3.1 is released. :D Can't wait to try everything out when IPB 3.1 is released... :thumbsup: