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  1. Bug: Extra Space when Quoting

    ​Edit: not this time though..
  2. When I quote posts, there is a big "enter/return" gap on the bottom. Anyone else?
  3. Bug fix slow, releasedate?

    ​I love you.
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I have a question regarding the reputation system on IPS... So a few members on my site are starting to constantly rep and unrep a single post about 100 times to give someone alot of notifications, now this isn't really something I want to suspend/ban someone over, so I was wondering if I could disable the rep system for just individual specifc members?
  5. [HQ] Ban From Topic

    Does this work on the latest IPB?
  6. Download: Like Statuses

    PLEAAAAAASE bring this back!!!!!
  7. It's the Final Countdown

    Can anyone install his for me? I own Hoops-Nation.com/community and I'm horrible at coding and installing hooks.
  8. Simplify by IPS Themes

    Can I hire you to install this skin for me, and make edits to make it match our current logo & etc?
  9. Download: Like Statuses

    Yeah, this would be AMAZING!
  10. Tom please check your inbox!!

  11. Hey dude, check out my newest topic I made.

  12. Convert to IPB

    what free forum are u on?
  13. When is it coming out?

    1. xChris777


      It better come soon, or I will get some panda bears to take over.

  14. Ok, this is weird, all my permissions are correct, but yet no one can view the forums..?

    1. Sandakelum™


      Epic Fail!
      Checkout System Settings -> Privacy Settings tab :)