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  1. You know it. I highly recommend IPS to people I know who are building a community. Now, if IP.Content could be purchased and installed without the need of a forum, I would recommend you guys to everyone. But believe it or not, a forum is just not needed for every site.
  2. [quote name='Charles' date='26 July 2010 - 02:44 PM'] It will be included in the $5 a month addon currently labeled as IP.Content only :) This makes me extremely happy! You guys are the best!
  3. What about hosted customers? What is our option once it's released?
  4. I guess it's only me that is experiencing sluggish load times on my newly upgraded forums when trying to load the "manage facebook connect" page.

  5. Everyday Sunshine

  6. Oh, what to do today? Too much time off, too much on my mind!

  7. New tattoo! Yahoo!

    1. IPBSupport.de


      A Yahoo! tattoo? oO

    2. AlexJ
    3. Digory


      Yes, it's a yahoo tattoo. Why?

  8. Yes, I am a hosting customer. I don't think it's ever been in question, Andy. heh My whole point from the beginning was just that as a hosting customer, I could save myself and support staff valuable time if I could download all the software myself. But I can't. And support told me it's not a bug, it's just not all available to the hosting clients. I think Charles is just confused.
  9. Do you like my photoshopped cowboy hat?

    1. Tony.M


      that's photoshopped? :P
      Ehh you can tell a little bit

  10. I asked support about it and they told me that the forum software download was available, which I have installed and upgraded on my own, but that the modules are not available for customers to download on their own. If this isn't true, then it's strange I can't actually download the modules myself. heh
  11. Thanks a lot. :)

  12. Your site looks awesome. Love what you've done with the categories on the main forum page.

  13. Yeah, I have actually had to deal with support way more than I would like to. And almost all of it has been because I have a hosted forum and can't download any files but the forums. It seems like a huge time sink to have support do something I am fully capable of but not allowed to. And yes, each response has been within the alloted time for the tickets. But if there is a misunderstanding or any further questions, I'm looking at another 2 days of wait time for another response in all likeliness. Again, that's fine, I knew this going in. It's just I wish I could help myself from time to time. How many of the requests that staff are dealing with are hosted sites asking for upgrades they could do themselves?
  14. Ah, finally home. But still not able to work on my content pages. lol

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