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  1. Classifieds System

    I dug around in the bug tracker and found this is a known bug fixed in a future version and applied the fix you listed. http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/tracker/classifieds/renewed-adverts-not-renewingshowing-r319/#comment-1469 I've searched this topic and I see some old, similar issues. But those old issues were reported fixed many versions ago. I'm not sure if I have a bug- or just something configured wrong. I have both free and paid packages. - both free and paid packages are allowed to renew. I'm having an issue with renewals on the free adverts (not sure if the same issue is there on paid adverts because this is a new install, and no paid ads have come due for renewal yet). General > Settings > Advert Options > Expired Adverts > Auto renew FREE adverts? (I have this set to OFF) - I don't want free adverts to stay around forever, constantly auto-renewing - so I set this off so the user would have to choose to renew the advert. Free Package Renewal Settings: Allow Renewals? ON Renew for more: 15 days Charge for renewals: OFF This user has a bunch of ads. I just logged in as the user, and tried to renew one of his many expired ads: https://www.thumpertalk.com/profile/325270-jamesm113/content/?type=classifieds_advert This is the ad I tried to renew from the "my renewals" - https://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/item/86-asv-clutch-lever-honda-kawasaki-suzuki-yamaha/ It seems to work - however, the ad isn't totally "renewed". The date is updated as if it did renew - however, the ad is still expired and locked https://www.screencast.com/t/y6BBvDWp4 https://www.screencast.com/t/b4HBf89A Is this a bug? or do I have something configured wrong?
  2. Classifieds System

    Are you using spark post on your test board? I'm wondering if something in spark post settings is detecting the emails sent by classified app as spam and not delivering it. I've never tried spark post , but I did have a similar issue with mandrill sending a bulk mail once. A word in the email subject of the bulk mail triggered some kind of spam list, and only the first couple batches of email was delivered with the rest getting sent to a black hole. @Ziggs maybe try disabling spark post for a day and let your server directly send the emails and see if they get delivered. I'm my experience, any time I've tried to send mail through a third party service I've had delivery issues with anything that involves selling something. Even topic notifications for topics titled "for sale" or similar have given me problems.
  3. Download linked images

    I've been fighting with this exact issue myself, and it seems the obvious solution is being missed here by IPS. Proxy images should be store as just another media tag so the URL to the image can be whatever URL is configured in files storage. This would let us simple create a S3 bucket (or using an existing bucket) and directly link to that bucket/custom URL to serve the proxy images. You already let us choose to store the images in any of the file storage option locations we create. But, it's forced to display using the proxy script. If we have a custom storage option as the place to store proxy images (such as s3) - it would be so much nicer if we could just set it to serve the image directly from the bucket/cdn/whatever custom storage location using whatever custom URL we choose to set when setting up that storage option. 1) as it stands now, the file already get's stored in a bucket (if that's the storage option we selected proxy images). But, to serve that image, the server must go fetch that image from the proxy and pass it through our web servers to the end user. That's essentially adding unnecessary delay for the end user to view the proxy images, and it's creating extra work for the server that isn't' needed. Yeah, I get that the script is doing other things like making sure the image actually is still in the proxy cache, and re-downloading it from the source if we don't have it in the cache - but there's a table for that. If it's in the table, then it's in the proxy cache, so why not let the URL it serves from be direct from the CDN we have those images stored on? 2) as other users have mentioned - with an S3 bucket as the storage point - we can in-effect set the proxy to unlimited and just let all the proxy images get stored in a bucket forever if we wanted. 5 years down the road when the original source image has long been deleted - we still have it and it's still serving directly from our unlimited storage bucket. S3 storage is insanely cheep. I had 32 million revisions of images stored in a bucket- the actual storage portion of the fees was under $5 a month. If it's an old topic, those images are rarely viewed - so the costs wouldn't be much to website, but the benifit of not having dead images around the site in old topics is invaluable. just make proxy another media tag - when we change storage options, let the URL those images serve from change based on the configured storage option. Less server resources - faster page loads for the user, and we have the option to store external images for as long as we want ensuring no topic ever ends up with broken/missing images. 99% of the work is already done with the proxy setup you guys have. All that is left is the last step of letting us control url to that image.
  4. Truncate & Format Feeds Content

    @BomAle I would personally truncate any RSS either in feeds or streams. My thought is if you give the user 100% of the content in the RSS feed (even from a stream) then the user has no reason to visit your website unless they want to reply. I'd personally rather give them just enough in the RSS so they can decide to click to "read more" and visit the website.
  5. Truncate & Format Feeds Content

    The screen shot is a little vague. Does this affect inbuilt RSS feeds, or only the inbuilt activity streams?
  6. Classifieds System

    I tried to go post this in your bug tracker, but my login isn't working and the password reset email isn't arriving either (checked chunk mail). Found 2 bugs in latest version (well, 3 - but the 3rd one appears to be an IPS bug and not your fault) auto pruned expired adverts that use the primary photo upload feature separate from the editor are leaving orphaned rows in the 'classifieds_adverts_records' table of the SQL database. The classifieds AdvertismentLocation extensions do not seem to be properly implemented, and cause a hidden(when not IN_DEV) php error. From the docblock of the extension's getSettings method: @return array Array with two elements: 'locations' which should have keys as the location keys and values as the fields to toggle, and 'settings' which are additional fields to add to the form existing code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' ), 'settings' => array() ); fixed code: return array( 'locations' => array( 'ad_advert_view' = array( ) ), 'settings' => array() ); attachments added to the editor are being left behind as orphaned files (looks like the IPS cleanup task isn't cleaning up images added to the editor in classifieds)
  7. The largest complaint I get from members (and a constant source of my servers getting on RBL lists) is that IPS has no way to stop all emails for followed content. A user can adjust these settings : https://invisionpower.com/notifications/options/ This page is GREAT...it's crystal clear, and users can quickly understand what they need to do to set their preferences how they would like them. However, these settings only apply to new items they follow going forward from the time they change that setting. Where the problem comes in, is users don't always understand how to change their preferences that are already set on OLD items they've followed. For example...If you are following 30 topics, and 3 forums with a variety of settings for each item you've followed. The emails you receive had a variety of different links (depending on the type of email it is, instant topic, daily digest, etc). One of the common unsubscribe links that cause the most confusion are ones like "Adjust your digest preferences" which lands you here: https://invisionpower.com/followed/?filter=digest Once a user lands on that page...they then have to do several things to stop all emails for everything they follow: they must realize it's a per-item setting they need to adjust if they follow enough items to cause it to pagenate, they have to then realize they must use the multi-select on page one..apply a setting, then go to page 2,3,4, etc and repeat If they've made it this far without getting pissed off and just hitting the "spam" button on their email client, they must not also realize that not only were there pages to go through, but they must also go through every single content type sub-tab (downloads, categories, bugs, articles, forums, topics, galleries, etc etc etc). Depending on how many things a user has followed over the years, they could literally have dozens of clicks to go through and update the settings of everything they have ever followed and change all of them to "do not send me any notifications". The "managed followed content' page needs a short message at the top of the page that explains to users how the page works - and a big button to "unsubscribe from all" which just sets every single thing they follow, in every content item type to "no notification" all at once, without the user having to select each item/page/type one by one. Clicking the "unsubscribe all" button wouldn't remove the content from their followed list, it would just set every single thing they follow to the "no notification" option.
  8. Forum Pruner Task

    Will this also prune any attachments to the topic?
  9. [IP.Board 3.4] Invite System

    1 bug, and 1 question. question: if i want to remove an invite record - so that user's profile no longer shows "invited by", do i have to do anything other than delete the record from pending invite table? bug: when invite system is enabled, error messages are not displayed on the registration form (example, if user doesn't click the "agree to terms" checkbox, it doesn't show the user the IPB error message, it only reloads the page with the default *required fields message, but no explanation of the error
  10. Glare by IPS Themes

    Is there any update on either of these bugs? It's been around 6 weeks now. Thanks
  11. Glare by IPS Themes

    I found one more display bug that affects mobile/narrow screen width in Gallery. When viewing an album, the main cover photo floats off to the right of the page breaking the layout. See here: http://screencast.com/t/Z9TSgXP3
  12. Glare by IPS Themes

    One last request. Any chance you could add pinterest to the social links please:
  13. Glare by IPS Themes

    I found another bug with the Glare skin when viewing albums. The ips filter bar when viewing albums is all messed up and overlapping
  14. Glare by IPS Themes

    I found a display bug on the forum index when using Glare+responsive. To be more specific, the bug is related to Glare since when using the stock IPB skin + responsive there is no issue Gallery has a feature to enable categories to show on the main forum index: On the stock IPB skin, this is what it ends up looking like: On the Glare skin, the layout breaks:
  15. (Wolf) Nexus Support Count

    Found a small bug. The icons don't use https when on a secure page such as the checkout process, or editing your display name (when you have Use https for logins or Use https for sensitive information? enabled)