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  1. Where is 'Merge member's concurrent posts'

    ok, so we have to create a plugin...it's too bad, because it was a useful functionality.
  2. I could not find this in Version 4 ACP anymore?
  3. What phone do you use?

    Nexus 5 and OnePlus One
  4. IPS4 Feature Plan

    it's also for people with coding experience like me (i made a couple of hooks myself for ips3) not to easy to understand how pages is really working. and i don't want to spend days or weeks with trial and error to learn it on my own.
  5. WhatsApp Share Link

    yes i am using RC4. oh i didn't recognize that the link with the whatsapp schema isn't recognized by whatsapp web. you are right, it doesn't make sense then. i don't understand what you mean with "is the css appearing"? i use the default theme and the custom.css is empty
  6. Group Collaboration

    thanks for the answer. then another question regarding permissions. is the guests group in collaboration all the users that are not member of the current collaboration? if yes, which group are the real guests (not logged in users)? for the collaboration menu there is already or there will be a customization option? nethertheless this is a great tool, fits much better into our needs than social groups that we are using today. i am looking forward to see it growing.
  7. WhatsApp Share Link

    why hardcoded only for mobile? http://web.whatsapp.com is already there Probably a bug: the whatsapp share icon in my board is red...the background color 'red' is inherited from the 'cShare' css class
  8. IPS4 Feature Plan

    nice one! the pages app has much potential, but most of us are not able to use it without any useful documentation. the most other apps of ips are self describing, but pages is not as easy to understand as you might think. please add more support in this.
  9. Group Collaboration

    i just had a qucik look into the demo version and i think if there with some improvements it will be an app for our board with ips4. a bug i recognized: a non member can see forums/posts, calendar events, collaboration adds, etc. in the activity stream in the user profile an the VNC view when clicking on an item i.e. collaboration topic you will get "You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2F173/H" my feature requests: would be nice to have some blocks like "upcoming events", "todays members birthdays", "recent images", "recent topics", "newest members", "who is online", etc. that are restricted to the current collaboration content in specific collaboration view and content of all my collaborations in the collaboration overview pagepm/notification to all collaborations membersnews block for collaborationchange collaboration ownerpossibility to migrate/integrate existing forums/galleries/calendars (we already have the structure and don' t want to setup everything from scratch)enable collaboration view and post permission for everybody not only group members and i have a question: what is the sense of the collaboration dropdown menu that has "Homepage" as the only entry?
  10. Member Map

    i took some time today to update our member maps after few months with non working old version based on google api. @stoo i just added some features to the version on my own. should i integrate them properly (and not like a quick fix) into the maps version and send it to you, so all users can use them!? my additional features are (of course all accessable in ACP): - disable the best fit zoom (i don't want to see all the world, because our members are mainly located in germany) - define initial center location - define initial zoom (in my case 10) - auto center to my location (if it is set) - set zoom when auto centering to my location (in my case 6) - set MapType (i.e. to road instead of automatic) - switch some map options (animate, showMapTypeSelector, showBreadcrumb) - set zoom of profile map (in my case 10) i think especially the center and zoom to my location is very useful, because it gives me what my users expect from the map. they want to find members in their region. i would like to see these features in the official version, anybody else?
  11. Auto Reply to PMs

    Very nice, bought it. Two suggestions: - Include a linked button to the settings in the messenger above the "Disable Messenger" button (down left here - add a setting to enable Auto Close/Delete the conversation when Auto Replying
  12. Portal Plugin - Upcoming Events

    @proffrink i "have to" ??? only my wife is in the position to give me orders - are you my wife? @Jamer edit the template Calendar --> boardIndexCalEvents @all sorry i still have portal 1.2.0 because i included some individual modifications there. if theres time in the next weeks i will have a look at that. if somebody else has a "fixed" version or hint how to fix it you can pm me.
  13. [HQ] Mass PM

    :logik: bye bye MassPM, i will use the free one for 3.4.x board an then with 4.x i will create my own app. turning a free app (coded by another one) into a paid one for 10$ now without any improvements - thats not the best way to go @InvisonHQ ... unbelievable ...
  14. Tutorials

    i purchased this on invisionfocus.com...when will the current version be available there? by the way, clicking the download button there redirects to the downloads page here on invisionpower marketplace and then it says "Buy now" - What the heck?!