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  1. File Name: AddonChat Chat Room Integration File Submitter: AddonInteractive File Submitted: 20 Aug 2010 File Category: Applications Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x Official AddonChat Integration & Authentication http://www.addonchat.com/ Overview This application module enables you to fully integrate a AddonChat Free, Professional, Professional PLUS or Enterprise Java™ Chat Room with your Invision Power Board 3.1+ forum. This script provides basic integration for AddonChat Free and Professional customers. Remote authentication (the ability to secure access to your chat room using your IP.Board username/passwords) is available for Pro+/Enterprise customers, as well as a Who's Chatting feature. Requirements * IP.Board 3.1 or higher * AddonChat Free, Professional PLUS, or Enterprise, or AddonChat Professional with the Remote (HTTP) Authentication System. You may register for a AddonChat account at www.addonchat.com. A Professional PLUS or Enterprise account is recommended to take advantage of advanced features. * (optional, but recommended) PHP with allow_url_fopen directive enabled in your php.ini file or the PHP CURL extension. This is required to download the Who's Chatting list from AddonChat servers. Features * Seamless integration between your IP.Board Forum and AddonChat * After installation, set up and configure your chat room from the AddonChat menu in your IP.Board System Settings * Automatic (five minute interval) User's Chatting updates * Optionally display the amount of users within your chat room on your chat room navigation tab shown throughout your forum. * Remote authentication allows you to authenticate access into your chat room based on your IP.Board user database * Automatic user login * Seamless integration with IP.Board member group permissions (remote authentication) * No code or template modifications required * Automated account lookup - just enter your account number and password, and your information will be automatically retrieved. (allow_url_fopen must be enabled in PHP) * Multilingual (UTF-8) support Installation Installation takes less than five minutes. Download the supplied ZIP file, and extract it on your personal computer. Open the included INSTALL.txt file for full installation instructions. Support Support is provided by AddonInteractive (support@addonchat.com) for this script provided you have a Professional, Professional PLUS or Enterprise AddonChat account. Read the included instructions for details. Please let us know if you have any problems installing this extension. Click here to download this file