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  1. Download: Orb (FREE!)

    Hi, I've found an error in the template when used with Nexus. Do you want me to e-Mail you?
  2. Spam Monitoring Service Statistics

    [quote name='ΑndyF' timestamp='1294949210'] [quote name='theGaVrA' timestamp='1294948943']Thats all great, but what you should really look into is that "Spam Monitoring Service" stops working when you move your IP.Board installation to new server... For almost two months this service didnt work for me, it had to be reseted for me by IPS tech support... :(Other then that really loving this service! In theory, that should work - in practice, it doesn't always work. If you move your board around a bit (like changing providers trying to find one that's reliable), then you get a different error saying too many ips logged, and unless you know to look for it, you wouldn't know the spam service wasn't working... and the only way to fix it is to contact support.