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  1. Please improve the management of moderated posts and topics. I'd prefer to see an area within the ACP that allows me to view ALL posts that are awaiting moderation. I currently have one post that's flagged for moderation (per the statistics displayed in ACP), yet none of the forum listings shows anything in that regard. We need a centralized management area that allows us to deal with moderated posts without having to rely on something being displayed in forumhome.
  2. All the education in the world won't force a user to change their password. Saw this time and time again while managing security programs in the military. You can educate 'em all you want, but the only way to ensure strong passwords are used is to force it via the program, or issue them yourself.
  3. The longer developers hand hold those that insist on using outdated and insecure browsers, the longer those individuals will continue to use them. Supporting those browsers is not the answer. The more developers who pull the plug on supporting ancient browsers like IE6, the quicker we'll have to stop worrying about them and those users will finally get the hint and upgrade.
  4. 1. Blonde.. About 5 ft and a nym... Oh.. Wait... I'll just stop there. :D 2. Forum Opt Out for VNC is a MUST for our forums. 3. Not only would I like to see the source for emoticons, I would like to go to a topic preview via mouseover on the topic, rather than the existing method of clicking the icon. 4. And while modifying user profiles is nice, it shouldn't be the primary reason for the site. More emphasis and control for the forums is what it's all about. 5. As for the ACP, there really does need to be an outside study done, critiquing the efficiency of the ACP options. I suspect it could be streamlined greatly, making it easier to find and apply controls.
  5. While the Report Center is a nice touch, it leaves a lot to be desired for many I suspect. I would like to see the option of forgoing the Report Center and directing reported posts to an existing forum at the discretion of the site owners.
  6. We'll just have to agree to disagree with that. While a normal person would just ignore the post without ever using the ignore feature, there are those narcissistic users who just can't help but to click through to read what was posted, and start the flame war all over again. By completely removing the post from the user's view makes for a calmer and more pleasant environment for all concerned.
  7. That's up to the mod's author, not IP.
  8. Sphinx is working wonderfully on our server. However, according to the documentation provided by IP, VNC is NOT affected by Sphinx. Therefore, it's a software issue. I'm also experiencing some strange behavior with VNC. There should be two choices. DB marking or cookie marking. Not a combination of both. One or the other.
  9. However, just because a lot of people like a suggestion, doesn't necessarily make it a good one. ;)
  10. IE? Perish the thought! Using Opera / Linux. ;)
  11. This was with multiple tabs. Soon as I'd open another tab and log into the ACP, the first tab would log me out. Multiple instances doesn't necessarily mean with two browser windows. ;)
  12. It's a trade off. And with mod_security running at the server level, one I'm willing to make.
  13. Grrrr. It was the Match user's IP Address during session validation setting. Had it on, which disallowed multiple ACP sessions.
  14. Why am I having to log into the forums every 5 stinking minutes?!!!!

    1. Painted Horse

      Painted Horse

      Broken cookie?

    2. A Walk in Faith

      A Walk in Faith

      I think Painted Horse is right.. I don't have any troubles with staying logged in unless I am switching back and forward from my live site and my test site, on the same server.

    3. SkimPappa


      I only have a logging out problem if I use the iphone app. Then it logs me out each time I close it. But only on my site, not IPB site

  15. Often times, when I'm up to my hind end in gators and snakes, I tend to have several things going on at once, including multiple logins to the ACP. Unfortunately, this isn't possible with 3.1 unless there's a setting someplace that I'm missing. Please, for those of us that multi-task like crazy, multiple logins to the ACP is a must.
  16. If number one is ever (heaven forbid) implemented, Admins MUST have a way of prohibiting it from being used on their site. I don't care if users ignore each other, but I will not stand for users determining who can and who can not post on the site. As for number 2, why in tarnation isn't it done this way to begin with? If a user is on ignore, everything from that user shouldn't be displayed to the person. Posts, topics, etc. Should all be hidden from view.
  17. So far so good. Our users are loving the new software, and I'm happy with how nicely it treats the server. Server loads are down, and site performance is quite snappy. However.......... As a long time vB user, I half expect to have to search in every nook and cranny when dealing with permission issues. I must admit, IP wins the contest in making me search every single nook, cranny, drawer, cupboard, and outhouse when trying to track down a permission issue. For example. One would expect that if a user reports they can't use the "report post" function, you would find the permission settings in Report Center settings. Or perhaps usergroup settings. But man, how obscure can you get when you have to go to the plugin manager settings to modify who can actually report a post? Bravo! I must admit, someone was very creative on that one! Please.. I know this can't be fixed in one version, but for the love of all that's holy, pure and sexy, please fix permissions to where they're consolidated and easy to find.
  18. Any idea when this will be released for 3.1? Used something similar on vB and it's a must for our site. Unfortunately, one of the files that need to be modified is no longer there with the newest IPB version (adminapplicationsforumsextensionssearchPlugin.php).
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