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  1. Something had been bothering me about the header on the new design, but I really couldn't put my finger on it until this morning. It's too spartan. It's also lost some of that "polish" that the header had in 3.1.x For example, here's the new IPB header. Notice the square corners when forum is highlighted? Now, for a 3.1.4 expample. To me, it just looks more polished. And no, I didn't monkey with the default skin. In an effort to clean things up, I think it may have gone a little too far. Clean is nice. Sterile isn't so nice.
  2. I AM an alternate contact. Still no access.
  3. Could the permissions be changed to allow members to post please. I do the work on the site, and therefore need access to the the forum in order to resolve issues I'm having with the product.
  4. I'm torn on this one. As a user, I'd love to have it. As an administrator, no way in hell I want that on my server. If there was a way to make it localized to the user's machine, I'd be all over it. But not if it's server side.
  5. Get off my lawn! (I've been using the "net" since it was called Arpanet. Yes, I still remember my old military logins from those days.)
  6. That's a lost cause, I'm afraid. Although threatening my kids with an electric staple gun has fixed that issue on the home front. :D
  7. When one clicks on a link to read a thread, and then uses the mouse scroll wheel to scroll down, generally the mouse pointer is left in the same position on the left. This places the pointer directly in line with the user names and the popups occur. Definitely annoying and definitely needs an adjustment.
  8. I already do enough edits thankyouverymuch. IPB is beginning to remind me a lot of the old vBulletin where I spent 2 days after an update doing coding changes on the site. I do not wish to return to that.
  9. Only if it can be disabled via ACP.
  10. I would disagree. Consistency throughout the entire design of the forum would indicate that pagination should be everywhere or not used at all. I, along with others, prefer it to be available.
  11. Most likely goes hand in hand with the borked search function (which is already reported in Tracker).
  12. Definitely need to increase the time on it. Otherwise I'm sending all my users over here after they get out of the hospital for bursting a blood vessel.
  13. But this isn't Facebook! I wish everyone would stop trying to emulate them.
  14. Usually, I find out about a change or upcoming change when I get an email. I don't hang out on this site as a normal part of my day. I found out about the beta release when I got the email 3 days ago.
  15. **sigh** They really need to set up an area where Admins can go see what's different and what can be changed when new changes loom on the horizon. I would imagine it would cut down on a lot of the posts for suggestions and what not. Thanks for the info.
  16. Oh gawd no. Please no. I get enough bloody notifications as it is with Admin stuff. I don't need the bloody system telling me someone is following my posts. This isn't Facebook. And it should stay that way.
  17. Why just a "Like" button? Everywhere one looks, it's Like Like Like. No dislike? Why not? One cannot express disapproval over a post? This is the beef I have with trying to emulate everyone else. Just because everyone else does it, does that mean you have to do it as well? Be different! Throw in a Dislike button, too!
  18. Imagine this scenario. You have a user who sees interesting articles on IP.Content and thinks they'd like to participate on the site. They register, and then when they look at the forum, they don't see certain controls right off the bat. First impressions are everything, and not seeing how to reply or how to do other critical options is going to have an impact on user retention. It's great that IPS is trying to clean things up, but it shouldn't be sterile either.
  19. I, too, have placed a "top" link in every post for ease of use. But that still doesn't mean that fading things out is a good way of doing things. And as far as the popups? I have some users that are going to burst a blood vessel with that one. I'm not exactly keen on it, either, but it seems that everyone is going to that. I don't necessarily agree with the trend, but it's one thing I'll compromise on and just suck it up. But the readability and usability issues are huge in my book. If I'm having issues seeing and finding things, I know I'll have many users on my site with the same issue and they're going to complain if it isn't changed. And I can't blame them. Especially when I'm having the same issue here. :smile:
  20. Meaningless to whom? I never knew about clicking on the date. We used the icon with vBulletin and it was a welcome addition when we switched to IPB a year ago. We have always used the icon, which is why I was confused when it went MIA. Do not assume users know everything about the software. And definitely do not assume that removing something will be welcomed with great rejoicing.
  21. Yes, it's a huge update. And one that has usability and readability issues. Regardless of "version number".
  22. I'm sorry. But when you have one way of doing something for years and years, suddenly changing it with a minor revision update only confuses users. I'm having to bust my hind end on educating my users on this upcoming software release so I don't have a revolt on my hands. And even with all the explanations, I don't think it's going to quell any disturbances on my site. The changes made to the design would be expected with a major revision change (3.x.x to 4.x.x). Not a minor update like we're receiving now.
  23. Another example of something that's difficult to read. At first glance, the faded star looks just like a circle. For us old farts, our eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, even with corrective lenses. Subtle differences on light backgrounds just doesn't cut it. While your skin developers may be spring chickens and have no issues with seeing differences like this, older folks WILL have issues. This is unacceptable for a "default" product.
  24. And how is this adjustment made? Is there an option in the ACP to do this? Or am I going to have to make yet another edit to the files? While it may seem "intuitive" for someone who is comfortable with technology, it is NOT intuitive for folks who are not tech savvy. Especially for my older members who get extremely frustrated when something isn't there in plain sight. I have several users who are above the age of 60, and these changes are not going to sit well with them. Hell, they don't sit well with ME and I'm only 51!
  25. ALL the items from the "Top" button at the bottom of the page to the buttons that appear when you mouse over on a post. Unless you are really looking for it, you don't see it at all. That's unacceptable and my users are going to scream bloody blue murder about it. And rightfully so.
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