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  1. Thanks Glen, I hadn't really looked at activity streams yet but that should do the trick.
  2. I know it is possible to do a topic/post search between two date ranges but that requires you to have a search term. If I just wanted to see all posts on a certain day or during a specific week is there a way to do that?
  3. @Lindy, for the alternate search feature you talk of, do you plan on making it like the login system where you can choose which handler to use? That approach would allow someone to write a Sphinx "plugin" if they wanted to use that instead of what IPS provides. Using MySQL's fulltext indexes is certainly the easiest approach to take and I can understand why IPS made that choice since it works best for the majority of sites. But it would be nice for those of us who manage larger boards to have the flexibility of choosing other options.
  4. With IP.Downloads it would be nice to have an option to show the subcategory files in the main content area of an empty "parent" category. An example of what I'm talking about can be seen here: https://invisionpower.com/files/category/158-previous-versions/ If I were to link to that category at first glance it isn't obvious there are any files available as the subcategory menu is easy to miss unless you are used to the interface and the words "No files in this category yet" are much more prevalent. One possible approach I've thought would work well for these types of "parent" categories, like how with IP.Board forums you can list it as either a category (no posts) or a discussion (allows posts), would be to show each of the sub categories and their top files in the main content area. Or another possibility could be to just show all the files from child categories the same way you would if you were viewing each child category individually. Expanding on the usefulness of these "parent" categories could also include when you follow content in the parent it means you also follow all child categories as well. Or alternatively removing the follow button completely, like is done with forum categories, as it is misleading since no content will ever be posted in an empty parent category.
  5. Hi Charles, I think what he meant was a release that contained just the security patches and then another separate release with the new features. This way people that have a custom theme or mod that requires an update to work with the new features/changes in 4.1.9 can still get the security patches.
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