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    openfire got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Linked Accounts - Post As   
    5 star plugin from a 5 star dev.
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    openfire reacted to boro_boy in Forum Sidebar   
    Excellent app, does exactly what it says. I can now have different side bars on different forums so everything on the sidebar is related to the forum. 
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    openfire got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Copy Topic   
    This plugin was just what I needed and will save me a bunch of time!
    It works flawlessly. 5 stars.
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    openfire got a reaction from onlyME in (BIM) Topic Thumbnail   
    A great plugin! This is a must have to make your forums more visually engaging.
    Installed, worked fine, no issues!
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    openfire reacted to MascotInsider in Pages SuperGrid   
    Amazing I love it!! This allows me to make amazing new pages for my website can't believe the value of this product great job. 
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    openfire reacted to Jurgis in TDB Posts   
    Why this widget doesn't show up in Block Manager? Bug?
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    openfire reacted to Chris Palmer_475950 in WordPress SSO   
    I had been in search for Wordpress & IPS integration since long and nothing was found over internet (including those messy bla bla plugins which just suck in your $$$ and do nothing) that completely integrate/sync the WP and IPS. Until now, I found this plugin that exactly does what it says so. Now my Wordpress website and IPS forum are completely synced/integrated with this superb SSO plugin. It's pretty simple to install and setup, just entering one line of API code and Forum's URL, and you're all on-the-go. It hardly took me 5 minutes to install, setup and sync WP & IPS.
    Here I would appreciate the developer who is very forthcoming and readily available for support or answer the queries in quick time. Although the price is bit higher, however it's worth buying because there exist no other WP & IPS SSO plugin on internet except this, as the developer owe his hard work. I would urge the developer to please don't stop the upgrades or go away with its future development (as normally the other developers do), so that we can get support whenever there is a problem.
    I would recommend anyone who is looking for integrating WP & IPS, to not look elsewhere but this plugin. A MUST BUY!
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    openfire got a reaction from Tarun in htaccess for IPS Forums   
    I hadn't applied any optimizations on a brand new install prior to downloading this file. Out of the box, my forum was running painfully slow until I applied this file. Now it's running WAY faster. The difference is night and day.
    5 stars, hands down. It just works.
    Thanks Tarun!
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