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  1. Do I need to disable the Google analytics already set up under Applications & Modules > Community Enhancements > Google Analytics? Is there anything special i need to configure on my google analytics page?
  2. MarkD FTR


    I always get this when i try to upgrade. "Error: An older copy of Tracker's files still exist, please remove the /home/community/test.community.fortherecord.com/docs/admin/applications_addon/ips/tracker/ folder before continuing." i copied over the IF UPDATING FROM 2-1-0 Beta 3 OR EARLIER so i assumed this was all i had to do EDIT- I did the obvious and just deleted the tracker folder mentioned and it all seems OK.. should everythign be good?
  3. Can this be restricted to certain locations? e.g. we use FedEx for everything other than shipments within Australia and I don't want australian customers to see the FedEx options.
  4. Uncle Sam tries to but fails miserably a lot of the time.
  5. How can EU law apply outside the EU... good luck enforcing that, I think hard is an understatement, it will be impossible.
  6. You can't even log in to the acp if there are update files? I know on my test board if I upload the new files and go to acp it automatically takes me to the upgrader
  7. MarkD FTR

    Member Map

    Is there a way i can change the title of the app? OK i found it.
  8. I LOVE this feature however to me it seems to me to be the wrong way around. I have user's that are in multiple groups, I want the Staff group to be able to see certain tabs, yet the staff exist in other groups that i dont want to have access. I have figured out a way around this, however it would be nice to just be able to select groups that have access rather than groups that don't :)
  9. I woudl like to see an option to have the daily digest have all the new topics from all the forums in one email. At the moment the user recieves a daily digest for each forum they are subscribed to, on a site with a lot of forums this could be a lot of emails (currently i get about 6 a day becasue i am subscribed to every forum), this is rather annoying as i only really want one email with everything in it
  10. im just wondering how to do this, there is a group i well the boss wants to make watch every forum oops just realsied this post is in the wrong forum, sorry i just foudn this on a search
  11. not sure if this has been covered and if it has I am sorry, I am curious if this will handle the following siutation How is international shipping handled with this? i.e. shipping prices will change dependant on country and carrier also if say a user purchases software that is available in downlaods but they want a physical disk sent to them can there be an option to download or ship? or would it need to be listed as 2 separate products?
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