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  1. 4.0 - AdminCP Reordering

    Can you move back and forth between the 2 hierarchy levels or between different menu items? E.g. System > Settings gets moved to just Settings or System > Settings gets moved to Support > Settings (for whatever reason)
  2. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    A blog entry on the weekend? :frantics:
  3. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    In their defense telling us a release date is a 'damned if they do, damned it they don't...' position.
  4. 4.0 - Moderation Part 3: Reports

    I've never been a big fan of the report center in IPB3 - mainly because you see the report and have to leave the page to take any action on the content. This is definitely improved over the current version and I'm glad to see this in there.
  5. 4.0 - Calendar Stream

    Minor bugs in an alpha/beta is fine and expected,but uh, what sort of sorting should it be doing if not chronologically? Or is it just a free-for-all for that given month?
  6. 4.0 - Calendar Stream

    We use the calendar mainly for various conferences and meetups. It would allow users to rate & give feedback for those items.
  7. 4.0 - Calendar Stream

    Reminds me of the Google+/Pinterest feed too. But I agree with the others, my eye has no clue where to go. I made notes on the screenshot with what the chronological order should be (according to start date). Definitely not in order.... not to mention the one with an end date before the start date? Edit: I guess 4 & 5 should both be 4 since they have the same start time/date, like #6.
  8. Moderation Part 2: Approval Queue

    Psh, sanity is overrated :smile: That is a good idea though, filters would be nice.
  9. Moderation Part 2: Approval Queue

    edit #2: After watching the video a few suggestions / questions on if these will appear later: Will there be a way to view more than one approval at a time? (e.g. mass approve / delete without loading each one on a separate page)Will there be a count to how many items are in the queue? (e.g. a badge next to the "Approval Queue" menu item) - Currently you're just kinda diving in hoping there aren't too many items without any kind of feedback on how much work you have cut out for you. I would want to see that too. It's a shame it's not part of the core. "Here, let me rejectdelete your content but I'm not going to tell you why without doing 10 more steps".
  10. 4.0 - Nodes & Content Items

    I have to agree with this. It's much clearer on what you're loading in and better matches PSR-0. Although I know that this isn't something that is going to change... look at this quick example using IP.Content's namespace. Currently it looks something like this: <?php namespace MisterPhilipMyApp; use IPScontentArticle; use IPSContentFoobars; class FoobarArticle extends Article implements Foobars { // foobar article methods }Look at how confusing that looks! Now, let's add in the Core namespace, since well, that's where some of our items lie: <?php namespace MisterPhilipMyApp; use IPSContentArticle; use IPSCoreContentFoobars; class FoobarArticle extends Article implements Foobars { // foobar article methods }
  11. 4.0 Advanced Theming

    +1 for multiple tab support. I've seen too many that are single page for every option and it is uuuuuggglllyyyyy
  12. 4.0 Advanced Theming

    For version check... Will there be a way to link this to the IPS Marketplace so that when you update a file there, the user is updated? Or will this have to remain a 3rd party (developer/designer's site) check?
  13. 4.0 - Javascript framework

    Kinda sounds like you guys made your own angular.js (which hey, I'm OK with). ;) Was looking into making updates to the JS the other night and got frustrated with the lack of being able to listen in on core code to fire my own events I was kinda hoping this wouldn't be the case. Why not just use 2.x and have a fallback of 1.1x if the browser is unsupported? You guys already do conditional comments for the CSS, might as well reward those using newer browsers with smaller file sizes since the API is the same.
  14. Database Profile Tabs Generator

    This seems to only show records from when it is installed and moving forward. Is there a way to make this retroactive so that any previous records created will show up in the tab too? Otherwise, this is perfect for me!