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  1. +1, and i'am also looking forward to same hook for battlefield 3/hardline and upcoming battlefront
  2. (NB34) Clan Wars

    Hello, How soon we will see update for 4.0?
  3. Member Map

    ​ty, now it displayed fine, but buttons didn't work. Nothing happened then i click on Current location/Add location. I'am already tried to rebuild cache data & templates data.
  4. Member Map

    <if test="hasimportcss:|:is_array( $css['import'] )"> <if test="minifycss:|:$this->settings['use_minify']"><php>$this->minify = array();</php></if> <foreach loop="cssImport:$css['import'] as $data"> <php> if( $this->settings['use_minify'] AND ( ! $data['attributes'] OR stripos( $data['attributes'], 'screen' ) !== false ) ) { $this->minify[] = "{$data['content']}"; } </php> <if test="donotminifycss:|:!$this->settings['use_minify'] OR ( $data['attributes'] AND stripos( $data['attributes'], 'screen' ) === false )"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" {$data['attributes']} href="{$data['content']}?ipbv={$this->registry->output->antiCacheHash}" /> </if> </foreach> <if test="csstominify:|:$this->settings['use_minify'] AND count($this->minify)"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media='screen,print' href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}min/index.php?ipbv={$this->registry->output->antiCacheHash}&amp;f={parse expression="str_replace( $this->settings['css_base_url'], PUBLIC_DIRECTORY . '/', implode( ',', $this->minify ) )"}" /> </if> </if> <if test="inlinecss:|:is_array( $css['inline'] ) AND count( $css['inline'] )"> <foreach loop="cssInline:$css['inline'] as $data"> <style type="text/css" {$data['attributes']}> /* Inline CSS */ {$data['content']} </style> </foreach> </if> <!--[if lte IE 7]> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title='Main' media="screen" href="{$this->settings['css_base_url']}style_css/{$this->registry->output->skin['_csscacheid']}/ipb_ie.css" /> <![endif]--> <!--[if lte IE 8]> <style type='text/css'> .ipb_table { table-layout: fixed; } .ipsLayout_content { width: 99.5%; } </style> <![endif]--> <if test="$this->settings['resize_img_force']"> <!-- Forces resized images to an admin-defined size --> <style type='text/css'> img.bbc_img { max-width: {$this->settings['resize_img_force']}px !important; max-height: {$this->settings['resize_img_force']}px !important; } </style> <else /> <style type='text/css'> img.bbc_img { max-width: 100% !important; } </style> </if> <php> if( !class_exists('Platform') ) require_once IPS_PUBLIC_PATH . '/style_images/' . $this->registry->getClass('output')->skin['set_image_dir'] . '/_php/loader.php'; </php> <style type="text/css"> {parse expression="Platform::state()->css()"} </style>Differences attached. ty.
  5. Member Map

    ye, in default skin anything fine. how could i resolve this issue?
  6. Member Map

    ​Membermap Templates & CSS without any customization, they are original. I didn't install this add-on before, so there no junk from previous versions.
  7. Member Map

    ​Yup, but without success as u can see. I also tried to reinstall it.
  8. Member Map

    Hello, i've installed app, but it's opens in new window, without ips template. http://www.enforce.pro/membermap/ Whats wrong?
  9. (NB34) Clan Wars

    newbie LAC, imo, better to show list of members in users frontend, and group in admincp (to manage it without usability problems, eg delete/add group)
  10. (NB34) Clan Wars

    newbie LAC, i mean ability to sync usergroup members with squads. Currently we could add only members, not usergroup completely within all members in it. For example, i've got squad EnForce Shadow and same usergroup, called EnForce Shadow. If i put new member to this usergroup, it would likely to see auto sync, which would add new member to synced squad automatically.
  11. (NB34) Clan Wars

    I have a small suggestion, about ability to add (or sync) forum usergroup members with squad(s)
  12. (NB34) Clan Wars

    newbie LAC, ty for a fix, now working fine on both languages!
  13. (NB34) Clan Wars

    I'am using >this one.