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  1. Noted that the mouse pointer don't seam to autohide itself in example when one using the fullscreen.
  2. Link to a IPB site where this is installed?
  3. Just found out that its only an issue with some videos when they are connected with www.jest.com Other then that this hook still works... :sweat:
  4. Seams to be a new issue again with this hook as it never can find the videos. Please help... /Mrigloo
  5. Must ask because Im unsure...the thing this hook does aint that the exact same thing the builtin IPB spam service does? :ermm: /Mrigloo
  6. There's a possible fullscreen issue with this hook. :sad: /Mrigloo
  7. Wahooo! Works flawless on 3.2.1. Really nice but I would suggest adding a little more option for the permissions like view only. /Mrigloo
  8. Correct! Was very easy to fix by simply right click on adblock and choose to exclude the site. Thanks Michael. /Mrigloo
  9. Yes it works but it opens the preview 2 times. Little bit too annoying... I really hope some coder could fix it.
  10. Tested and working fine now also in the latest IPB. /Mrigloo
  11. There's an issue with this hook ( my members like this option alot ) and the latest and also the previous version of the browser Firefox! For some reson the video can not be started. It's not possible to click in the video window and make the clip start. Only solution is to use another browser and as Firefox is a very common browser nowdays I strongly think this should be fixed. /Mrigloo
  12. Can anybody else fix this as Collin seam to gone on a long vacation!? " Last Active: Apr 05 2011 " :sleep: /Mrigloo
  13. Media Tag XML file that been working flawless until now. :( Please update the file as my members love this option. /Mrigloo
  14. That I can agree with but its the other info that needs to be put back as it was. /Mrigloo
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