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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    At last! Now I shall set up a network and take over the world. Muahahahahaha!
  2. Nominated Charities

    It is nice to see that IPS is doing this, I nominate Camp Patriot. I've done previous research on their work and I have to say, they are truly devoted to their work and get some great things done. One quick question: How much is IPS donating? Will you match the customers up to a certain point per charity?
  3. I decoded your "Interests". Do I get a cookie now?

  4. What sites are there that use IP.Nexus?

    Does that mean that they can be setup to allow other people to post products?
  5. Hosted Communities Update

    Glad to see all the new improvements :).
  6. Very Happy IPS Customer

    I am a more recent customer(like 2 weeks old) but I have used forums for years, I just love the fact that my members love the software and actually enjoy making content :smile:. I am looking forward to a long-time relationship with IPS. Keep up the good work!
  7. Finally bought an IPS Hosted Community :).

  8. IP.Nexus Questions

    IP.Classifieds and its integration with IP.Nexus might be just what I am looking for. :laugh:
  9. IP.Nexus Questions

    Not what I wanted to hear, probably will have to do it on xF then, oh well.
  10. IP.Nexus Questions

    Would that require custom coding? I see it but it is not going to be downloads, they are going to be services offered and I am letting users offer services.
  11. IP.Nexus Questions

    That looks pretty nice, do they sell it? I have been trying to decide whether to build one for xF or see if IPS already has one as I already have an xF License.
  12. IP.Nexus Questions

    I am just wondering if IP.Nexus can allow users to post their own items for sale, can it also process those items by the person who orders them and the person who is selling them agreeing that they their conditions were met, also is there a way to have promotions to groups that can post services if the user is promoted by an admin after receiving a payment?
  13. a dev team

    I am going to be staring a site for forum coding that will cover vb,ipb,and phpbb this will include coding and design. If anyone is interested please pm me I am currently looking for 3 php coders,2 css/style/imagery designers and 2 people who can code XML for each of these boards we will also allow other teams to be on the site or individual coders but we will also test the code that ppl make to be sure it is safe. Also we will have a test site for each forum the leader of each of these teams will have to provide the test forum and FTP access to it.
  14. integration of IP Content

    So say I don't renew for a year would I only have to pay for the normal 6 month thing and also would I be able to still use the product and just not receive upgrades? Is downloads like vb's member area cuz that is a free add on for vb. Lastly what are the real differences between IPB and vb forum?
  15. integration of IP Content

    How much would this be all together as the only reason I prefer buying vb is because I do not like renewing every so often and it is only 200 or 300 for content and blog