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  1. hello, i wish you all the best with the new editor. for me it is the last crap and the point is come, to change the software. i cant understand, that a proffessionell company use a third party addon! what i see, that you´re on the same way like ib and vb-->no quality and no control about your own features. think about it, that is the reality. a lost customer says goodbye
  2. Dev Update: Addon Applications

    what is with "tags" in ip content?
  3. View IP Address Permissions

    same question here :) ??
  4. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    hello, if i add german vocals in the news ( ö ä ü ß ) the modul makes a lot of errors. it makes this a code (&-auml;) out the vocals, in the discussion tool,we have no problems.
  5. hello, my english is not the best. my question: works this bridge now without errors? is theire an installation service, for this bridge?
  6. Hi, besten Dank. Endlich eine Version, die man einsetzen kann. Ich habe bei mir noch die Geschichten mit dem " Folgen und verfolgen" angepasst. Ich habe es in "Abonnent und abonnieren" umgewandelt. So haben es die meisten anderen Foren auch....... Ansonsten echt gut und besten Dank.
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    Hello, can you update this file, for 3.2? Please.
  8. thank you for your very good support!

  9. Hello,
    i want say only thank you, for your work! I love to work wit the Databases! I hope you have a lot of success with your work in the future!