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  1. ipb forum url

    thank you.
  2. ipb forum url

    hello, can ipb board be linked to 3 URL with common forum board.
  3. Do I know you? :p

  4. its not woriking for my board 3.1.1. when i click Change Topic Author it takes me back to the forum home page
  5. figuring my head out at my ipb

  6. Doubts to clear..

    thanks for the help, so if i keep name server on [name.com] and ipb board [ips] both of them, i hope it wont effect each other.
  7. Doubts to clear..

    im new to this, want to clear my doubts. registered a domain on namae.com. does different name server can be added on the domain?? or just the ips name server is needed, and does it clash with other name server if added .... i have free google apps on my domain, can it be added later on, without effecting the forum?? if the forum still is not online, is it poosible for ur technition, to help start the page??
  8. few querys

    so all the data is saved hosted community package server. and only the URL of my choice is linked to hosted community package. right.. thank you
  9. few querys

    if i signup for IPS Hosted Community [basic 10], and register the domain on website hosting [bronze] can it be done [with my choice of url instead of subdomain], instead of getting standard licence..
  10. few querys

    Iam interested in IP.Board.. and im having few confusion here. 01. if i get a Standard License IP.Board, do i have to host on private server, or is it possible to host the board on ur server.. 02. the hosted community package [basic 10] comes with ip. board. so, do i have to register on ur domain or can i register on my choice of domain name and still be entitled to hosted community package [basic 10] .