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  1. I'm looking to build a proof of concept that I can show to management as a solution for a corporate intranet. 2 Questions I need to answer: If I use the entry level hosted plan as a way to build the prototype, how hard would it be to connect it to a Microsoft Active Directory (synced to Azure AD). How difficult would it be to migrate from the hosted to a Self-Hosted instance? Will we be able to get a backup of the linux account with files, DBs etc? Thanks!
  2. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    A peer with an expired IPS license just tried to download the file and got a no permission error. Sounds like maybe the version checker script might be in a the wrong category? I imagine a version checking script for potential adopters was intended to be freely available to all? If that's incorrect and this is intended just for paid-up IPS customers, than I confess to being a bit puzzled? James
  3. 4.0 - Cover photos

    I really hope that it gets rolled out more universally, and that the mechanism is the same for picking an album cover in IP.G. Totally understand that it can't require IP.G to work, but if IP.G IS installed, I think using IP.G images as covers photos should be a clear option for all uses. Please let the design encourage synergies between apps. I really loved the repositioning, nicely done. :-) James
  4. 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up

    Looks wonderful! IP.C and forum views (other than submit) were conspicuously absent, but I'm guessing they will be delt with in separate entries. IP.C I'm particularly keen to see, but I understand why the examples used were chosen. Can't WAIT to start digging into what we can do with it. :-) James
  5. 4.0 - Embeddable content

    THIS. Just this single change would make me deliriously happy with IPS 4.0 even if the rest was totally meh, which it's decidedly NOT. Seriously, an emphatic thank you and well done to everyone involved, sounds like an ideal solution! :: snoopy dance :: James and Susan
  6. 4.0 - Logging in as Members

    This is an excellent change. We've used a modification to do this for years on our legacy setup, and it's extremely useful when troubleshooting or assisting a member. :) James
  7. 4.0 - Comments and Reviews

    Heh. Kudos to Charles for the response! Though I'm not sure I'd personally want to associate myself with that particular George Bush phrase... :tongue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irMeHmlxE9s James
  8. 4.0 - Comments and Reviews

    Should be perfect for it from what's been said. I'd probably build the Shows and Movies as an IP.C database with different categories and then turn on "Reviews" for that database/categories. I'm assuming that it's implemented at the category level as that would be comparable to individual forums etc? James
  9. 4.0 - Comments and Reviews

    The big question is who decides "Where that makes sense" :). For example, is it going to be possible to have gallery image/album discussions in the forum I wonder? To me it makes a LOT of sense to organize the site on topic focused lines and use the different apps for what they are best at, and the Forums are the app of choice for discussions. So if you post an album of images in the "Kitchens" section of the gallery, I'd GREATLY prefer that discussion about it occurs in the "Kitchens" forum where all the other Kitchen design folks hang out. It brings more discussions into the mix and increases the interaction in the community. Leaving comments/reviews all in the individual app space fragments the community interaction, and buries great discussions in little backwaters of the site where a lot of the core community never see/interact with it. We LOVE the fact that you can already link IP.Downloads and IP.Content categories to admin specified forums, and we're really hoping that there will be more such flexibility goodness to come in 4.0! Love the frequent blog updates this week... It's the first place I go online every morning! James
  10. 4.0 - IP.Downloads Submission

    Indeed! And hopefully image resizing on the client end? :) Love it.... James
  11. 4.0 - Follow System

    And who could ask more than that? Personally I think notifications are a huge factor that drives member's sense of validation and awareness of the peer approbation that members of a niche community so desperately crave. Love the way the IPS platform is moving to empower that now and into the future. :) James
  12. 4.0 - Follow System

    Not sure that I agree with that? Bulk-email is an increasingly less effective way to reach someone, esp with an ongoing message/focus. Admins being able to auto-subscribe certain groups (associated in some interest based fashion) to specific content or categories/types of content could be a very effective tool for the intelligent admin to customize the presentation of the site to the individual member based on interest patterns. Imagine a system built on top of the notifications that does the equivalent to Amazon's "Things you might like" system that uses things that are liked/subscribed to by people that the member likes/follows. It would start letting the member know what people like them find worth following. It would take careful balancing and user experience focus, but it could be very VERY effective if done right. Email is very clunky and hit/miss by comparison. I'd rather have it all happening on the site where I can build funnels A/B testing etc and watch the member interaction and responses to make it most useful. Perhaps a bit over the top for the current conversation, but the point in my mind is that the Notifications system has a great deal more capability and potentially far reaching implications that email will never be able to touch, and that's completely leaving aside the spam list, bulk email management infrastructure (aka MailChimp etc) costs and complexity. I thought Ocean West's example of a Terms of Service change notification was very well aimed too. Ideally that's something that I'd want to use BOTH email and on-site notifications for. :smile: James
  13. Ok, even though I don't agree with your second post, because its the nature of things that the future is uncertain and can only be changed by our decisions and I really would like them to do good rather than hasted ones, I think its much more neutral to read. Thanks for clearing this up.

  14. "Too many": When you call some rational and others "not so rational" thats when it reaches too many, because thats when the insults start. I formyself think that your argument is driven by emotions rather than rational thinking.

  15. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    ::laughter:: James