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  1. Betting

    Hi MM. Do we have a time frame for this yet? I'm hoping you'll have it finished before the start of the NFL season. Thanks.
  2. Betting

    I'm looking forward to it being updated as well. I've never used the tournaments app, but I loved this one.
  3. Betting

    Hi MM. I can't think of any changes off the top of my head. I used to use this on my old site, and now that I've started a new site, I've had some interest in the app again. I remember loving it when we used it.
  4. Betting

    Hi MM. How is the 4.x version of this coming?
  5. Table BBCode

    I see that you said you found some issues, and that you were going to fix them. I was wondering if you have fixed them? I was also wondering if they are minor fixes or major fixes. Can I upload to my site now as is or should I wait for the fix?
  6. Facebook Video

    Hey Marcher. First, let me see I'm glad to see you're still around coding! When I was here about 2 years ago, I used a lot of your mods. Great work. Now, I don't know if you know, but this mod doesn't seem to be working on IPB 3.4.8. I just get a link to a FaceBook video, it doesn't actually show. Also, there is no rush on this. I understand you're busy, and this is a free mod so the paid ones and custom work get the work first. If you can find what's wrong, that would be great, if not, no worries. Thanks
  7. Sports Standings

    ​Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for when this happens. I'm still waiting to hear if anybody has this running live on their site.
  8. [K-34] YouTube Subscribe BBCode

    This looks like something I might use, if it's still being support. Any info or updates from Kirito?
  9. Sports Standings

    This looks really interesting. Is there a site that it's actively being run on? Also, does it only run one sport at a time or multiple sports? Also, has there been an update to include things like the Premier League Football or say one of the Rugby leagues?
  10. RuneScape

    Thank you
  11. The Daily Prophet (Harry Potter)

    Thank you.
  12. The Daily Prophet (Harry Potter)

    Hi Albus. Same thing with this one. Which one do I download? Thanks
  13. RuneScape

    Hi Albus. I was wondering which one I'm supposed to download. Just curious. Thanks
  14. The Daily Prophet (Harry Potter)

    Thank you so much!
  15. RuneScape

    Thank you so much!!