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  1. Hey, any progress? We are still waiting for this fix 😞
  2. wegorz23


    Thank you. We will test it. Basic statistics are cool for right now. But as you said - it will be even cooler, if you ad some statystics (by %), some charts to see the progress (or regress) etc.
  3. Hey, yes the issues is solved. We are not sure it is something with server, but anyway it works now.
  4. Any progress please? And 2nd question: is there anyway to put mapbox map on page: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/category/2-kluby-lokalne-terytorialne/ like on main clubs page? We want to use map only for local clubs category, not for others.
  5. wegorz23


    On Archive sort by date of distribution is broken.
  6. Hey, there is still problem with PBR. When option Block Reply is enabled window for PBR is not available.
  7. We can make it by ourselves, but having it in plugin will be better of course 🙂
  8. I saw on one of sites that I use something like that: I was not logged in on this site, but it automatically taken my fb name and show it to me. Its good option and I want to use it on my forum to motivate guests to login/register via faceebok. It is possible to make it with IPS now somehow? And another thing is motivate somehow guests to register. One day we had error on forum (sth with cache) and site was displayed only for registered users. On this day we had record with new registrations. We don't want to disable visibility for guests, but motivate them to register. We have enabled option for guest to join the discussion (and register later), but still have maaaaany guests (over 700+ right now) on site, that will never register. My idea is to show them for example only 2-3 pages from topic, and when they read it longer show them popup with registration. It is possible with IPS or some plugins? What else ideas do you have to engage/motivate users?
  9. Any chance to improve this? Showing categories under the clubs is not so good idea. No one will see it.
  10. Hey, any info about update? We are still waiting to fix for position of trophies on users tab.
  11. wegorz23


    Hello, any chance for even some basic stats from newsletters? Our clients wants it, and have nothing for them 😞 It can be really basic, but some stats is standard in these days. Day have perfect stats on facebook etc. and we must to keep them somehow. You are not the only one! We have 70 000+ users, and feels like our e-mails goes... nowhere. In such big base basic stats like open rate, clicks etc. are necessary. Please, please add it. Im not even asking about some charts, historical graphs from every newsletters (it would be great), but only for same basics. It is, but there is only number. We don't have nothing more like open rate, clicks or nothing.
  12. Its very good idea 🙂 In my mobile view there is no categories only "show all categories" by default ;/
  13. Hello, Ive just bought this plugin and added on our site: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/ It works fine. We have one of categories Local Clubs: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/category/2-kluby-lokalne-terytorialne/ Can we put somehow there map with position of clubs on this site? We have such map on main site, but on this one will be more accurate. 🙂 Thank you.
  14. And it will be... We are waiting for a long time. Its not a big fix, so please make it.
  15. Exactly like that. We have our standard one (bright), and want to give users such an option like you said. Many users don't want/need dark mode at day, but after dark is very nice. Im one of them - when Im on our forum at the day its fine to use standard one, but option for automatic change will be great.
  16. And of course you can enter our site and test it live: https://www.audiostereo.pl/ Just choose Style: Audiostereo Black from styles 😉 But still automatic option to switch it after dark from default one to Black will be great. Many ppl don't like Black ones at day, but loves it at night.
  17. Yeah, like many persons. But making forum/site is not only making it for our self right? 🙂 We have got 70 000 users, and many of them like it a lot. You can check our Dark Mode project: https://marvelapp.com/90h1hh6/screen/58141200 https://marvelapp.com/90h1hh6/screen/58155536 https://marvelapp.com/90h1hh6/screen/58155535
  18. When we will get new version with trophies position fix please? We are waiting for it for a long time.
  19. We have made our own Dark mode skin, and it works fine. But we need option like on other pages (on profile) to automatically enable/disable this mode when night/day come.
  20. Our users reported also, that this problem still exists with notifications. When he receives an e-mail with notification, he click link and gets error: code: 2S119/1 after login in.
  21. Yes, a lot. But problem exists on every style, even on default ips one. As I mentioned - after entering support tab in ACP it works for a while - until next logout from user. So it works after clearing cache (or with disable it for guests), but we want to use cache for guests 🙂
  22. Hi, we have critical issue here. When our users clicks log out our form shows error on front page and forum and all pages are down. It shows error code: EX1366 We have turned off all plugins and stuff, and restore default theme and it is the same. Please help us. Only logged users can now access our forum. One clue - when on ACP I have entered support tab it started working on main page (but only on my computer), until I have log off to next time. edit: Ok, I have switched off option: Cache page output for guests to 0 and it started working for guests. But can I leave it like that? Now on bottom online list is broken. Can I live this option like that?
  23. Ok, few months later. Our clubs are still growing - https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/ some clubs have over 600 users now and still growing 🙂 Filtering by name works fine, which is good. We are also using Improved Clubs Enhancements plugin which is very cool and show Clubs on users profiles (under posts and at hovercard), so it engages users very fine to join clubs. This bug still exists. Its related with tabs positions in club. If Topics are 1st one (we prefer it that way for our users) navigation is still broken 😞 Of course we have newset IPS. Hope to see the fix soon...
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