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  1. This plugin is great! But I have few comments:

    - I think that preview for Message Template is absolutely needed. Now I must change something and logout and try to reach limit to see how it looks.

    - now message for user is on whole site and lock everything. I think that popup in facebook (or others) style will be better - to keep content in background, but show users popup to login. 

    On 10/14/2020 at 9:48 PM, Sascha Prinz said:

    I have an idea for future updates !

    Is it possible, that you limit the first post for every guest view !? 

    So every guest can read the first 10 percent of content, and then you have a button for read the full content / post if they logged in !

    just like some online newspapers do, like paid memberships... 
    But i don't want paid memberships, only registered members.

    your app limit the complete access 🙂 thats to hard...

    I agree. The app is very good, but aggressive for me in this way. It will be better if it cuts next post on same page, or shows popup on the top to log in, but now it hides everything.

  2. 14 hours ago, Fosters said:

    It's working fine for me in my testing. Could I get ACP access to take a look at this?

    Of course. You have it on PM.

    It works fine, when I have only 2 trophies, and 2 replaces 1. When I have 3 and I set 2 to replace 1 it also works, but how to set it that 3 replace 2 and 1?

  3. How this trophies replacement works?

    I have trophies for 5, 10 and 15 years on forum. And set that one for 10 replace for 5, and one for 15 also replace (I have tried to set it to 5 and 10), but it is not working. I still see one for 10 and 15 years on profile. I should see only for 15 years.

  4. Ok, we have one more issue. Plugin on our skin from IPS 4.4 looks like that:

    I know this skin is from 4.4, and plugin looks good on default one one from IPS on 4.5. But how can we fix it? My developer have look at it, and don't see where can be some templates or sth from it. Please help.

  5. Try to move some topic on forum with redirect link - it shows error and topic is not moving.

    After disabling plugin it works fine, so it looks like a bug in this plugin.

    It happens even on default IPS skin.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    So you weren't using the latest version? If not, then update it.

    Yes. It was previous one 2.3.2, now it is 2.3.3

    3 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    It worked fine on my tests and I didn't have any complaints about it after latest version.

    Ok, Im waiting for support now. They told me, that this problem is related somehow with JS and our custom theme. But I don't know now, if there are two errors, or only one with your plugin combined with our theme :)

  7. Hello,

    we have many reports from our users with problem with registration. Last time we have updated plugin and thought it is fine... But in last days we have the same story. Support from IPS told us it is related with this app and switched it off.

    Now I see some update and changelog:

    • Fix error on registration when ignored topics are added to new members

    Registration works fine now?

    One strange thing is, that update was NOT visible in ACP alert. I have to search it manually at marketplace.

  8. On 9/13/2020 at 6:24 PM, Gabriel Torres said:

    This is something that always bothered me. There used to be a plugin that fixed this, created by Matt Mecham (MTM Post Counter a.k.a. MTM Ye Olde Post Count Of Yesteryear), that is no longer available. I edited it to work with 4.5. See below. After installing it, you must clear the cache using the support tool. It is working like a charm here.


    MTM_Post_Counter-4.5.xml 1.91 kB · 22 downloads

    Ok, thank you. Its working on new default skin 4.5. But... it is not with our own skins from 4.4 :) So now we must have this 2 plugins, just for one small option to have post numbers on every theme :)

    Can anyone please make one plugin that supports 4.5 and older one? :)

  9. On 9/23/2020 at 11:06 PM, bearback said:

    if this does not get updated, this one works ok, manual install though


    Ok, thank you. Its working on new default skin 4.5. But... it is not with our own skins from 4.4 :) So now we must have this 2 plugins, just for one small option to have post numbers on every theme :)

    Can anyone please make one plugin that supports 4.5 and older one? :)

  10. Thank you for update. I understand that is basic app but anyway, even with sites with 2 themes disabled by default should be better. Most sites have night mode and disabled by default. Thank you also for adding mobile support.

    Anyway, I dont see update - still 1.0.0 at marketplace.

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