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Entry Comments posted by wegorz23

  1. On 4/24/2021 at 9:33 AM, MMXII said:

    I think I like that decision (not sure yet), but I expect people to ask what to do for points. At the moment, when you click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner to go to your profile, settings etc., you see a very prominent bar, which indicates the progress towards the next rank. RIght below that it says "X points until your next rank".

    Maybe a site displaying what do to for points isn't the worst idea?

    • It could be optional (an option to turn it on/off). And/or:
    • Badges could have an additional option to show/hide the point logic on said site. Then the user can decide which rule/badge to reveal.

    You are right. We added the same option at Trophies and Medals app on our forum. I have asked author few times for it, but he didn't make it.

  2. @Sonya* we have made block with "your clubs" you can check it on our site (but I think you must be logged in and join some clubs) - it shows only 10 max, and its "your clubs", so its better then every clubs, but still... I think that should be some out of box resolution to display clubs on main page for users 🙂

  3. Yes, with mapbox. But its used in clubs, I dunno if somewhere else 🙂 Thank you. Our clubs are getting better and better.

    And one more. There is an option in clubs config:

    Show Club Content Areas

    Throughout the community
    Users will see content areas from Clubs they can view in the applications throughout the community, alongside regular content.


    Which is very good, and we want to use it, to show our clubs on mainpage... but we have few hundreds of them, so it destroys main page. Maybe an option to cut it to some bumer (last 9 for example by activity).


  4. Quote

    A small but useful change to the clubs map means the view is now centered and zoomed around available clubs. Previously the map would show a world view even if all of the clubs were located in a concentrated geographical area.

    Ok, so not every idea from us goes to /dev/null 😉 Very nice to see it.

    Ok, so not every idea from us goes to /de/null 😉 Very nice to see it.

    Please also fix position of clubs when adding/editing them. Now by default it sets our country (Poland), but other fields like Town are empty. But after saving it it sets marker in bad place - not at Poland at all. The easiest fix is deleting the country and leaving all fields empty by default.

  5. Ok, and what about Post Before Register? This one is not working in clubs, as far as I remember. It should! Like in normal topics. On this moment there is no any call to action. Guest see the topic, but nothing more.

  6. 3 hours ago, Matt said:

    The next clubs blog should make you very happy. 🙂 

    Cant wait 🙂

    we have biiiig collection of clubs, and want to improve it. Our users loves it. You can check it here:


    As I said - we have brand clubs with logos and local clubs by location 🙂

    This is great news for us. Hope to see new stuff soon 😉

    About this default mapbox position - its not showing all markers. It should center position, that all of them should be visible.

  7. Great. But please make sth with Map on clubs. Now on editing or adding club there is localisation which is default Poland for us. But when you save it it will put marker in wrong place. The same situation for other country. To make it proper we must put some City. To easy fix it you need to del Poland (or other country) and left all fields empty for the club.

    2nd thing is map. Now we cant zoom it, set default position etc. So it don't look nice on start. We have 2 kinds of clubs - local clubs and companies clubs. It will be perfect to display map only for local one page:




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