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  1. [HQ] Forum Icons

    Hello, Is there any way to put 2 icons in a forum? (one for new topics and another for when they have no new topics) Thank you
  2. [HQ] Badges

    is there any way that i can use a different image on each skin? thanks
  3. Facebook Like Box

    If someone can help me. I configured everything right, I believe. but the following error occurs: There was an error fetching the like box for the specified page. Thank you
  4. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    In IPS Marketplace yes, i selected a payment method i have a question: why in your site (http://www.sublimism.com/products/modifications) is R$15,00 and here is R$20,00? Thanks
  5. Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    im trying to pay, but when i click in paypal its say: you must select a payment method
  6. Download: iStream 1.0.1

    Hello, its a great mod thank you andy. Have any chance for i add for example two live streams?
  7. Download: Bouncy Board Life 1.0.0

    AnthonyKinson, some news about this mod? Thanks
  8. Download: Bouncy Board Life 1.0.0

    i will be waiting ps: My ipb version is 3.1 Thank you
  9. Download: Bouncy Board Life 1.0.0

    The same error is happening with me