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  1. Clubs - a different use

    That's great! Thanks for sharing, Adlago - we love to see creative uses for Invision Community.
  2. IPS 4.2 observations

    Thanks for the feedback, John. 1. We have this on our roadmap already and agree it's necessary. 2. I can tell you from experience overseeing support, allowing users to repeatedly create new subscriptions instead of renewing expired purchases creates a lot of housekeeping issues and confusion, from PayPal billing agreements and beyond. In such cases where this isn't a concern, I'd recommend turning the single purchase limit off. I've not seen double orders as a technical issue in Invision Community 4.2. We will, of course, monitor this for further feedback and make any reconsiderations as necessary. 3. Great idea - this drives me a bit batty as well. I've put it on our roadmap. Thanks again.
  3. Gallery Improvements

    Most of those should be fairly straight forward. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Don't care for the new look

    It's possible (and I'd very much like to) do and release theme modifications, but our own corporate theme is for our site only. We appreciate your interest though!
  5. Significant drop in GA pageviews

    The placement of the GA code would only be an issue in cases where your users aren't fully loading the page before going to another page. Nonetheless, GA is asynchronous these days so it should no longer slow the page being in the <head> section of the page - I'll check into having it moved there. Now, with that said, the experts largely agree - you should not hang your hat on the accuracy of Google Analytics. If your site is larger, you may be encountering sampling. There's also the fact that there's imply less pages in modern web applications than there used to be and much is fired via Ajax. We do try to account for this the best we can via virtual pageviews, but there are still simply less pages. Finally, millions of people use ad blockers and disable tracking. These visitors will not be accounted for at all in your Google Analytics pageview counts. Depending on the nature of your site, this could reduce the number of pageviews you have by 10-75%+ Tech, security and and similar user-savvy websites especially will have incredibly skewed numbers because many on those types of sites are more apt to employ ad blockers and/or disable tracking. More important than raw pageviews is engagement - I'd suggest focusing on that. Check your community participation stats -- registration, content submissions, etc.
  6. Whats next on the docket?

    2019? We'll be on IPS 7.2 by then! I'm kidding, but 4.3 is underway and we should start talking about it in coming weeks. Without too many spoilers, the focus for 4.3 is largely engineering and refinement. Gallery, clubs, search, etc.
  7. Inconsistent theme HTML

    It's in the works and we'll address it as soon as we can.
  8. I've logged a feature request to get "banned" added to: I have no ETA, however.
  9. Alternate contacts should be able to run the auto upgrader. If that's not working for one of your alt contacts, please submit a ticket and specify which one and we'll take a look. Ensure that the contact is assigned to the license in the client area with support privileges.
  10. I found a solution for 4.2.1

    That's the best you could do, really?? I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Very nice.
  11. I found a solution for 4.2.1

    I apologize for the delay and your frustration. We've had a series of issues accessing your site between nginx, cloudflare and very poor/intermittent server performance so that contributed to the delay on Friday. Advanced support is generally not available on weekends, but I've taken a look at your request myself and determined this was the result of a custom theme conflict. The issue should be resolved and your site appears to be functional at this time. Please feel free to update the ticket if you need any further assistance.
  12. Doing quality themes on Invision Community can be a challenge. While other software literally go years without a notable update, our development cycle is rather rapid and we keep themers on their toes; they earn every penny. As mentioned, the built-in mechanism in the AdminCP makes it pretty easy to change colors -- so easy that even I can do it. If you want a quality, custom theme that really sets your community apart from the rest -- you can rightfully expect to pay appropriately.
  13. I found a solution for 4.2.1

    I'm sorry 4.2 has not worked out to your satisfaction. I took the opportunity to review your support request and can understand your frustration. It seems like you were embedding Pages databases into custom blocks, which isn't really intended behavior. I appreciate that it somehow worked in 4.1, but as Brandon outlined in the ticket, this does not work in 4.2 for various reasons and because this was never intended to be permitted to begin with and other fixes in 4.2 rendered it working as originally intended, it's not something that can really be "fixed." Brandon's suggestion of using a database feed widget would be appropriate for your use-case here. In terms of speed, I know that's always a hot button item with you. It's difficult to say what might have been the issue, however, in reading the notes, it appears the database embed issue would consuming a lot of resources and may have been contributing to higher load times. Our own testing along with overall feedback from clients would suggest performance has actually improved with 4.2. Once again, I'm sorry for your disappointing experience. When you're ready to try again, let us know. I've had a brief look at your site as well and it seems to be performing quite well for me. I do note you have a good number of plugins. Remember, while some plugins simply alter the equivalent of settings, others add load to the site and the difference can be quite significant - similar to getting 30 miles per gallon with your vehicle on its own, then attaching a trailer and getting 15mpg. Often, when we get "my site is slow" tickets, disabling third party customizations allows the site to perform amazingly well. There are a lot of factors when gauging performance -- server performance, network performance, the overhead (plugins, apps, resources, etc.) On the whole, 4.2 is not slower than 4.1 (note, however, there is a performance issue that was/is addressed with the leaderboard specifically) and in fact, has had performance improvements. If you experience otherwise, I would first try disabling all third party resources and retesting... and then visit our server / optimization forum for any tips, tricks and assistance. You might also consider our community in the cloud offering.
  14. @Joel R - as a point of clarification, I'm referring to adding fields to allow (actually, require) authors to define their own licensing terms, not just for the client's benefit, but the author's as well. Some authors don't mind a resource being used on multiple sites, most only provide it for single-site use. If you charge renewals, you should spell out what that includes and equally important, what that doesn't include. We don't intend on defining the terms, the OP has a very valid point in requesting that someone define them though. Free resources are one thing... I think everyone appreciates the immense effort so many contributors put forth in bringing modifications to the community out of sheer good will. If you are charging any money, be it $5 or $500, you are making a commitment and I personally expect you to honor that commitment. I will admit, the paid aspect of the marketplace is an enormous source of frustration for everyone involved -- clients, IPS and authors alike. From a client perspective, if you pay any amount of money, there are expectations (within reason) and some fail to meet those by any definition. From an IPS perspective, those expectations that often aren't met end up in our lap and we dedicate administrative time, absorb thousands a year in chargeback fees and interact with disgruntled clients and authors who can't seem to work together. From an author perspective, it's frustrating to sell a resource for $5 and the client demands the moon and stars. It's also frustrating with IPS moving the goal posts with a very rapidly evolving platform. To be honest, you can identify some level of risk factor based on price. The elaborate themes and apps/plugins that are inexpensive are likely the ones that will ultimately get abandoned or encounter poor support. Much of this goes back to expectations. Clients believe if they've paid even $.50, an author is obligated to provide support. Authors think a greater number of sales vs a higher price is a good idea... until they end up with a few hundred clients PMing and filling their support topic and they get overwhelmed and/or otherwise lose interest. Great resources demand a great amount of skill and time involved to create. Some provide those for free because they really enjoy doing them and like the sense of community. Others charge appropriately for their time and do quite well in the marketplace, with fairly minimal drama. Many, however, start out with wanting to make a little money here and there and end up undercharging, overselling and getting frustrated and burnt out. Nobody wins in that case. Joel is right - the marketplace is a complex discussion that transcends just this point. I do agree with the OP, however, that we can (and will) make it easier for authors to define their terms to protect themselves and the client.