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  1. 4.0 - Q&A Forums

    This will likely bring in quite a few new IPB subscribers. Many people want to good QnA platform in itself. Fantastic insight IPB team!
  2. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    >This! Has been the causation for a twitchy eye - and is by far strict to adsense. Along with the rest of the post, looking forward to the great changes coming in 4.0 IP.Content and IP.Nexus - specifically in hopes of breaking away from the current requirements for domain sales and server settings.
  3. Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]

    Sorry to muddle this thread - but you just turned my day around Dmacleo :lol: Thank you! x ten internets Been there many times myself, just never read anyone actually say it.
  4. Sybil much ? None the less Love your comment XD
  5. This is a growing concern, honestly -- More people want to be admins, but want a glowing button to show them how to do something as simple as .... <a href="{parse url="app=core&amp;module=global&amp;section=navigation&amp;inapp={parse expression="IPS_APP_COMPONENT"}" base="public"}" rel="quickNavigation" accesskey='9' id='quickNavLaunch' title='{$this->lang->words['launch_quicknav']}'><span>&nbsp;</span></a> /* ad the code before the </li> */ <a href="the link goes here"><li>name the link</li></a> ... in look and feel > manage skin templates > pick your skin > global template Maybe this is rough, so what, it works and it's as simple as it gets. You don't need an application to do this. There is something to be said about complexity where it should not be. Were seeing more and more of it, now I'm not bashing the thread, but the context of the discussion itself is a bit presumptuous. Try not to be one that wants and needs , but one that does, or figures out how to do.
  6. Media System

    Hey boss = 'marcher' I've read till the eye's bled -- not really , is this working with the latest IP.C / IP.B ? Any plans ? Or should I have payed more attn: when i read 40+ pages ? lol thanks
  7. Grass Roots Political Campaign

    FYI espeically for what you are looking at , you will need the spam service, truly is a very real solution to the constant bombardment. If I understand it correctly, when you, or anyone else ticks a user as a spam user, this is reported back to IPS services. which does not allow that email / username ( not sure on specifics ) to sign up on any licensed active board. Correct my wrongs ?
  8. Might be more people using mysql granted , it's free and open. It really is great I'm not bashing it in any way. However most people are using it because it has been the standard ' set and forget ' way to handle data. Which has nothing to do with efficiency as applications constantly rely more and more , as well as heavier database usage. As far as VB , Postgre would make no difference in fixing it's core functionality. Sorry for bashing someones code. If I had time to learn enough to use IPB with postgre I would be doing it. Currently I'm experimenting with Percona
  9. It still surprises me that with the demand placed on mysql , and it's downfalls, that there is not more people working on getting IPB support for postgre. With hosting delving deeper into VPS Vs. dedicated, you would think more people would be willing to look at one if not the largest of the large resource hogs in the land of application data storage.
  10. No plugins to run for: blog

    Seems someone would have replied. This is happening on one of my sites as well. Who knows , sometimes it works sometimes it does not .
  11. Influx of Spammers

    I dont see it , as the domains and emails as well as IP's are changing by the minute , so unless you block huge chinks of IP's , thats not possible. There are many ways to deal with this , worst case scenerio , enforce all new sign ups to be validated manually. Daily , run through them and you can really at a glance see that a user with the name of " 44466633388@44466655577.com is a borked up email. I'm sure theres better ways, but with at the least 50 and up to 150 or so new sign ups a day , you can't catch them all by any service afaik. Supposedly , captcha was broken several weeks ago. So there in there. My own thoughts are that certain services are posing as spammers to get closer looks into the forum , which would otherwise be left past there permissions.
  12. IP.Nexus - PCI DSS?

    Agreed This is why imo the ( SIM ) would be the most trouble free way to serve users is to allow the specialized companies deal with this. Why try and enforce PCI rules upon your server when there really is no way to insure it's security without spending 30 minutes of every hour combing over every aspect of your server and databases to insure data integrity. Especially since the PCI updates come daily in many ways. From many angles. Grab an SSL certificate , serve your store out of a https directory , and get a reputable credit card processor to deal with the rest. For roughly $20/month , you can do all this. Thats not to say you can allow your server any more room for infiltration ,because authorize.net requires certain levels of security to be kept upfront the start and for the term, but you can rest assure that no finical information is even stored on your server to be concerned about t begin with.
  13. IP.Nexus - PCI DSS?

    I use authorize.net myself on two sites and am in full compliance with there terms. I think people are mistaken about PCI compliance. As well as how payment gateways work. With authorize.net , customers enter no information from there credit cards on the host site (as even paypal opens a page ) . When someone buys a product , there directed to a https directory on your server , then the payment gateway takes over from there.Opening a tunnel which includes a page served from there servers to handle the process. So any and all information for the payment is handled by the payment processor. No information is able to be stored on the local server , because a customer does not enter any financial information in there profile and or during the payment process. The only information stored on the local server is the member information that allows the user to log into there account , same as any forum. So I'm not understanding how someone can think there entering there credit card information on the site , it doesnt work that way.
  14. Buy New IPB license now or wait

    Yea i started a ticket a few hours ago. I've tried using the " new purchase " button , which works fine , but i can only select one item at a time , I dont want to make two purchases . Unless it gives you the chance to add another item before payment. But with the " confirm " button , I assumed not.
  15. ipnexus examples

    Actually you can get your hands on nexus by applying for the 5 day trial of the entire system. Of course a running shop if posted would be great as well :)