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  1. Adding a Drop Down Menu to Navbar

    Any suggestions or lead way that can be shared? Anyone?
  2. Adding a Drop Down Menu to Navbar

    I appreciate you trying to help, but I'm not really looking for an application. I'm trying to learn by viewing another's code so In the future I can maybe mimmick my own.
  3. Adding a Drop Down Menu to Navbar

    Anyone able to help or at least lead me in a proper direction?
  4. I'm trying to add a drop down menu to some of my navbar tabs, & I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this. I've been searching all around google, & I haven't found anything that is leading me in the right direction.
  5. IP Board Suggestion

    Thanks a lot Michael, I wish Linear+ was the standard/default. It's best.
  6. I would like to make the suggestion of possibly having it so that the topic displays above all posts on every page of a thread. In very active threads, when people click the most recent topic response, they have to go all the way back to the first page to see the topic itself. Just to use something as an example, I'm providing this link to a commmunity site I used to use where their forums are very popular & the style is also: http://www.crushspot.com/forums/topic.php?cat=1&topic=1535438&page=3 That's an announcment, but as you can see it's on the third page & the topic is still featured at the top above all other posts on that page. If I submitted this thread in the wrong section, my apologies, & may someone move it to a more appropiate place if needed.
  7. IP Downloads

    Thank you Brandon, I just made the purchase.
  8. IP Downloads

    Is 2.3 the latest release, or if it isn't when will it be released?
  9. IP Downloads

    I'm not sure what's the latest stable release for IP Downloads, but I want to purchase IP Downloads 2.3. If 2.3 isn't released yet, when is it going to be realeased? Also, is it safe for me to go ahead & pay for it now with a free upgrade during the subscription period? If someone can answer these questions for me, that'll be great. I'm considering making this purchase tonight, but I don't want to make moves I'm not sure of.
  10. IP Nexus

    You all seem to have transferred your IP Downloads old files to IP Nexus. If I purchase IP Nexus, would I beable to do all that you all are doing with it where you can sale anything, including downloadable files, but also offer free stuff including downloadable files? Is it that or did you all need addiftional coding to do this? Looking at IP Nexus here, it seem very similiar to IP Download, except IP Nexus does everything Downloads do plus add "shopping carts" for items that aren't needed to be downloaded. I just want some information on this to make sure it does what I'm trying to do. If there is any coding I need to have knowledge, please inform me as I'm still a beginner. If I purchase IP Nexus will it look like what you all have here?
  11. Staff Chat

    Everything works fine with this for me, but I was able to post messages while in guest mode, & other groups that weren't selected could also post on the staff chat.