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  1. Hi is it possible that you add my site banner/link on your site? And i will add you banner/link on my site :-) pm me with your awnser. Than You

  2. Download: Dutch language

    File Name: Dutch language File Submitter: Kevin Brekelmans File Submitted: 24 Feb 2011 File Category: Language Packs The Dutch translation of IPB. If there are errors please let us know, then we apply it as soon as possible. Resale is prohibited. -NOTE- At present, section admin not completely translated, we are doing. But the public is fully translated. -Applications- - IP.Blog 2.3.1 Click here to download this file
  3. Download: Delicate

    why not, is not nice.
  4. Download: Delicate

    The bug is in the profile of the user that the background has changed
  5. Download: Delicate

    There are a bug View Screenshot It's by profile customize
  6. Hyves connect

    Hyves connect it is also a possibility Hyves.nl (a Dutch social network) to link to IP.Board. The same system as Facebook, but for the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, a popular social network! Can you give me more information if this is possible!
  7. ProStripe 1.1

    When this skin is available for IP.Board 3.1?