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  1. Robots.txt - IP.Board 4.x

    Hello ! I've just read this topic. I don't have special needs regarding my board. So, can I safely remove my robots.txt file ? Or should I keep it and whith which content ? Thank you !
  2. Invision Community 4.2

    Hello ! Is every one happy with the skin ? I don't like it because of the light colors in the title bar of the categories :
  3. Invision Community 4.2

    This is not clear to me. When does summer begin in your country ? (in the place where I live, we only have summer and winter)
  4. New: Leaderboard Enhancements

    Hello ! Is it possible to show members with most content only ? Is it also possible to exclude forums and their content from the different criteria ? Thank you.
  5. IPB on iPhones

    Hello ! Using IPB on an iPhone is... impossible and makes it impossible to read topics on your board (unless you have very very few forums on your board). Are you planning to do something to allow us to use the desktop version on iPhones ? Thank you.
  6. Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    Hello ! I do agree and I think there is something wrong with the search system. I can't find what I'm looking for. I can't tell what's wrong exactly. The feeling I have is that the way the results are displayed doesn't allow you to find what you are looking for. There was a topic about it :
  7. New: Clubs

    Thank you ! I understand it well now.
  8. New: Clubs

    Hello ! This sounds very interesting, but is not clear. I have a few questions : What will my existing board and it's 5 millions posts become and look like ? I have 5 major categories on my board, each containing about 30 forums. Will each category automatically become a club ? Will I have to create clubs and add the existing forums to the clubs ? How are we going to proceed to apply changes to our community ? Can we have a video showing how to set this up ? Thank you.
  9. New: Delayed Deletes

    That's what is done too on my board : we now hide content instead of deleting. But I need to remove hidden content from time to time, especially because my database is rather big (12 Gb big). Delayed deletes are ok for me, but I prefered the "trashcan" forum solution which made it easier to manage deleted content (delete when I decide to, everything is in the same forum, easier to search, etc.).
  10. New: Delayed Deletes

    Yes. To me, this option would be much preferable to the "Delayed deletes".
  11. IPS Community Suite 4.1.18 Available

    As for me, I upgraded my two communities today (one with about 200 000 accounts and 4 500 000 posts) and everything worked fine. As usual, I backed up my files and databases before running the upgrade.
  12. Reply to "Are forums dying a slow death? "

    Yes, I do agree with this. I have a Facebook page for my community, but I have not enabled the Facebook login option... I'm going yo try this. Thank you for these useful information.
  13. I believe this option should be added in the ACP too : admins need to be able to unsubscribe members from all content they follow.
  14. Support Dailymotion videos in embedded items

    Hello I suppose there is a solution now to embed Dailymotion videos ? It is obviously working here, but it doesn't work on my board (version What can be the reason ?... I have Media tag installed on m board : perhaps it's the cause of the problem ? (but I just have disabled Media tag and the problem is not fixed). Thank you
  15. Hello ! To be successful, your forums : - must evolve, - must be useful to your members, - must be a place where people like to discuss and share ideas : I mean you have to animate it. You must be working on your forums everyday, after work to make it alive and a place people like to visit.