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  1. Tournaments

    for styling look at binarybeast.com
  2. Tournaments

    First off all, the issue about deleting members is not my main concern. What bugs me the most is the layout, and how things is reported, set up ect. If you tried some other systems you would see that they handle things the same way in most cases. I stiill run sites for you to test if needed, or simply try binarybeast.com to see how easy it can be done, not layoutwise ass that site serves a different purpose. Look at the layout of gamebattles.com which is pretty much standard for most sites. This can still be the best thing that ever happened to ipb imo. And thrust me if its done right you will earn money on this, even looking on the time spend. the VB mod is selling really good, but VB is a s... system and the upcoming VB5 is awful and where will people turn? Most likely to IP
  3. Tournaments

    My intention was not to sound rude but to help this project grow, but every time i tried to help it seemed like you didnt want any. I had set up an account for elite, VB mod and more.... Please listen to what people are saying instead of being oll defensive as it wont get this project any where. I cant say this enough, it time to get all dirty. Try out some of the quality sites/systems out there, and get to work. And please dont tell me that you dont have any specific things that people wants. I have read through this, and i do see alot, then add the stuff that people send you in private. Dont try to invent the wheel, just make it better. Gamebattles and the VB mod is a good place to start.. Best regards
  4. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    Drupal+ip= love
  5. Tournaments

    spot on...
  6. IPB Video Sharing

    this mod might do what you need http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/344323-download-ipcontent-media-system/
  7. I would like to see the chat working as chatroll ..... I'm paying for their service now, but i rather put my money in the pockets of IP
  8. Tournaments

    Well.. What often happens is that there is several noshows for every tournaments, which tends to mess things up. There are digfrent ways to go about this. One could be a option to swap teams but only for the first round. When first round is played players/team normaly stick around. Another and better solution is to add a checkin systen. How this is done is.. Teams/players have to check in 15 or more min. Before start. When they check in they will be added to the tournament bracket... Now my fone run out off bat... Return with the rest tomorow lol
  9. Tournaments

    What about a live chat meetup to talk about this and maybe test some stuff?
  10. Tournaments

    I would say that only changes of scores is need through the whole tournament, and changes of teams/swaping is needed before 1 round has finnished.... Just need to think a little about this and get back. U can still have acces to my drupal and VB tournament setup if u need inspiration. As for tabs i would ask marcher tec... For help
  11. Tournaments

    I do agree on the potential part... I like u run alot of online eSportevents, and the most importent part is the ability to change All reported and none reported scores. At the same time its crucial, that we on the admin part can delete/swap teams even in ongoing tournaments. It could also work with a restart tournament and then change what needs to be changed (i think its done this way on the VB mod). Alot of changes and good ones, have been sugested before, but it hard to tell whats in the pipeline... This to me has the greatest potential because of the ip platform, but at this stage it cant even compete with the beta mod for drupal.... Focus should be admin options and organising layout with tabs (even tho i would love to say groupplay)
  12. Tournaments

    What is adressed above is some of the reasons why i dont use this mod on a live site....
  13. Joomla with the help of seblod