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  1. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Expect few Release candidates once beta is completed.
  2. Agile by IPS Themes

    Hi Tom, Tried it again with latest RC version of IPS4 , seems like it does not work with the correct line by removing the extra dot. I'm using latest version of Agile. Thanks!
  3. Just drop by to let that I sorted out the issue but using a different method to insure that correct javascript version of javascript is not affected by IPS own ones. I think it's cleaner this way. To do that I have to use iframe method as someone has explained how to do it in another unrelated topic and it turns out nicely . Attached are some screen shots which I manage to get the metro mapper working using a custom block which has an html iframe code to represent the image and the javascript which performs a restful webservice call to the game to pull out game data and image for display!
  4. RC5?

    IMO I think they should go with what they are doing as weekly sprints by repeating releases of reported bugs fixed by iteration. Knowing all the bugs will not be fixed, at least they can detect regression. Doing a more robust release at later stage will have the potential risks of missing all the client tests or bugs they have marked as fixed but could have broken other modules which I hope not but they may be the ones they haven't seen them coming. If it is the case, it may be much harder and time consuming to fix them and could delay final release. So either today or later, but I like to have it weekly if they can.
  5. My guess is we probably will have a couple more of RCs and it does not surprise me since it deals with a whole IPS suite. Exact date will likely probably be in mid April or later if we're lucky to see a more robust release. Til then, I would'nt mind having more RCs as with each new one , you should get better stable release.
  6. Pages Examples?

    ​Got it ! Thanks for the link and code snippet!
  7. Pages Examples?

    There is some cool features like address field which will linked directly the address with google map. I haven't played much with pages only recently. I did a quick test to see to see how fast pages allow you with some few configurations, you can easily start a full directory of nearby restaurants and get members liking and comments. I'm still looking how other have managed to put custom icons next to the title of the category/article. Haven't played with soundcloud and spotify fields yet though! But once you gets better idea what you can do with pages, it will help to think how you are going to design the site. I saw some templates there which probably next thing I need to learn how to do it to present data differently. Til then, I'm still pretty newbie to pages.
  8. Pages Examples?

    Nicely done with pages, opentype. Still have a lot to learn how to design mine with pages. I also love the guru image with the reword error message as "The Guru is at his wits’ end and couldn’t fulfill your request. He says …" .
  9. RC4 today?

    There'll always be bugs but probably minors but no majors. I would'nt mind waiting few more days or til next Monday if final RC is planned to be released instead! I can see it coming as we have seen many pre-releases and betas and 3 RCs.
  10. RC3?

    ​Good for you! But I opted to reinstall the test site from scratch to eliminate possible buggy prerelease and beta installation issues which may be hard to fix. Did not have much content. No much free time to investigate this , so at least by doing from scratch, I know it will be good for next delta release.
  11. RC4 today?

    Ya'd Never know!
  12. RC3?

    ​Do you have link to your ticket? Btw, did you manage to upgrade using RC3 from client area? No luck here, it breaks the whole site with some internal error, can't login to ACP and site has all errors. Weird! Rolling back to RC2. Seems like I still have bad previous installations between beta and rc releases?
  13. RC3?

    Still can't do delta upgrade , always got this message Preparing your update... staying forever. Does anyone know how I can trace why since RC1 , I can't download the delta file. Thanks!
  14. RC2 is out...

    Delta upgrade from ACP on my site stays forever at Preparing your update...! Does anyone have same probleme as mine? Have anyone succeded doing delta upgrading or you have to go to client area get the big zip file?
  15. Anyone here uses \IPS\Output in a php custom block, i retry the code in my last reply with RC1, nothing is output from viewing page source code? Any help is appreciated! Only the below lines are shown: