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  1. Waiting for the Android app. :DD

  2. Hope they make a Windows Phone 7 app! :O

  3. I used to have a bunch of links, but I thought it over and just left my site link. I'll advertise the links on my own site, it makes more sense. :)
  4. Wow, you guys are incredible! Makes me glad I went with IPS products! This is amazing! :) Quick question though, will you incorporate this into your site? As in, will future IP.Board and addons purchasing actually be made and fulfilled by IP.Commerce, just how other parts of this site is using your other addons?
  5. Nice, thanks for a great update! Always on top huh IPS? :D
  6. I already built one. We'll see who's laughing when I come back with my lifetime license. :)
  7. Where do you buy a lifetime license?
  8. That's true, I agree with you. I thought you already had those products?
  9. Heh heh heh, what exactly are you planning Wolfie?
  10. Got IP.Content, hopefully I can code the full website now! :)

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    2. Wolfie


      The way it works, that I've seen, you click a link (even if it's someone elses), on purchase page you choose the client area, then you can do it from there. I'm not really upset, which is why I said "lol". That and the >:| face is funny looking.

    3. EDITalk


      You guys crack me up hahaha. It really was the community that convinced me to purchase IP.B really...if it wasn't for that I would still be using the default theme of MyBB. XD

    4. EDITalk


      Wolfie: Oh okay, I thought you were serious. In that case, I will not use your link. >:D

  11. Yes, I am planning on buying it as well but pricing should definitely be included. Very bad business practices in my opinion.
  12. Ah okay now I understand. I don't really notice that number much haha. :P
  13. Any additional features that make us end users more productive is fine by me! :)
  14. Maybe I am crazy, but I know vB using something like this: http://www.website.com/website-info/123456-i-think-site-is-great.html Is this what the OP is asking for?
  15. Will there be Windows Mobile/Zune HD support or is that something we will have to add ourselves?
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