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  1. Waiting for the Android app. :DD

  2. Hope they make a Windows Phone 7 app! :O

  3. I used to have a bunch of links, but I thought it over and just left my site link. I'll advertise the links on my own site, it makes more sense. :)
  4. It may be IP.Commerce, but we can only guess haha. :D If you register for a demo, it also has demos for every single addon as well. :) It should be possible but the staff should comment on that. I hope I helped you today! Mario Lopez
  5. You just upload the files to your web server, overwriting the old ones, and then launch the upgrade script that comes with IP.Board. It will then do the rest for you! It's an extremely easy process, but it is always recommended to back up your board just in case. :) I hope I helped and if you choose to buy it, please use one of the links in my signature. :) Mario Lopez
  6. I am considering the Complete the Suite promotion, but am wondering how it works with my IPB perpetual license. Awesome! It's a great deal, is it not? If I purchase the Gallery, Blog, Downloads and Content, will it affect my IPB perpetual license? Do I need to purchase support for the perpetual license in order to purchase the applications? No, it should not affect your license. No, you shouldn't need too. How much does renewal cost? Can I stagger renewals, or does one need to keep all of the licenses on the same license cycle? Yes, you may purchase all the products, then renew whichever ones you want at whatever time. IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, and IP.Gallery are 10$ to renew, IP.Content is 15$. After six months, if I only choose to renew some of the products, will the others keep functioning? I presume that I only lose download access to the ones I choose to not renew. All products, even IP.Board will continue to function whether you renew or not. You will only lose access to new updates and customer support (like installation, errors, etc). You will have to use the community forums for support. Does purchase of the applications give me access to the resources section of this site? Yes they do and the appropriate forum as well. Does my Copyright Footer Removal license also cover the applications? I am assuming yes, since the footer is from IP.Board and if you associate said applications with the IP.Board that has the Copyright removed from. Thanks! You're very welcome! I hope I helped you! Cheers on your new purchases, Mario Lopez
  7. Did you check the permissions on said gallery? Did you maybe select a setting that does not allow images to show? Make sure to check all settings and permissions because sometimes one may select a setting thinking it does one thing when it may do the exact opposite. :) I hope this helps! If not, feel free to post again! :)
  8. Definitely check your permissions, you may have missed something you thought was there. Also check password settings, visibility settings, everything. The forums should definitely show. Reflush caches, though I doubt that may be it. Clear out your browser cache as well. Basically, do one thing at a time, each time crossing it off the list if it didn't work. This is the basic principal to troubleshooting anything and will help narrow down what is causing the problem. Also, make sure to check that you configured the permissions for the actual forum. Do understand that even though you may have configured permissions for the category, you will have to also do the permissions for the actual forum as well. :) Hope I helped! This shouldn't be the case. He/She should be able to see the Category as soon as a forum is made in it. Now, if the forum does not have permissions, then the category will not show. Long story short, a test discussion shouldn't have to be made, unless I am crazy?
  9. Most mods are updated to be compatible with new forum releases, and I am pretty sure so will the shoutbox. If you want an example of how it looks, look at the forums of my site. To answer your second question, though there is no release date given, the new 3.1 release is already in its second beta, so it should be released soon. Also, if its within a certain time frame after your six month renewal, I'm sure you can just email sales and see what they can do for you. I doubt they'll turn you away if it was released a day or two after. I hope I helped and IP.Board is a really great product! I in fact just switched and I'm loving it everyday. :) Cheers, Mario Lopez
  10. Wow, you guys are incredible! Makes me glad I went with IPS products! This is amazing! :) Quick question though, will you incorporate this into your site? As in, will future IP.Board and addons purchasing actually be made and fulfilled by IP.Commerce, just how other parts of this site is using your other addons?
  11. Yes, this is possible. It is called IP.Subscriptions and is included free with any IP.Board purchase, no separate board needed and it's a simple as installing any IPS addon. I am not too sure about the second one. Maybe Matt or someone else more knowledgeable about this will be able to help you with that! :)
  12. No, the 25$ fee is only to cover IP.Board. The others have their own renewal fees as well. IP.Blog, IP.Downloads, IP.Gallery all cost 10$ to renew, and IP.Content is 15$ to renew.
  13. Currently their converter script doesn't show support for conversion, but you can always have them convert it for you for 60$. Information here: http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/convert.php I would say ask the sales department and see what they can do for you. :)
  14. Nice, thanks for a great update! Always on top huh IPS? :D
  15. I already built one. We'll see who's laughing when I come back with my lifetime license. :)
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